Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diaper Cake and Burp Cloths

My friend just had a baby girl and I eagerly jumped on the chance to make something as a gift. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. The first thing I made was a diaper cake. Super easy! I used 74 Newborn-size diapers, 2 2/3 yards of ribbons, and 4 receiving blankets. For a winter baby, I think I would use either one fleece blanket or just stick with the receiving blankets...something to think about. If you want to make it, the bottom layer has 39 diapers rolled up in a 31" ribbon piece. Mikki you are going to love this...I stapled the ribbon, haha! Maybe next time since I know what I'm doing, I'll stitch the ribbon so it looks a little nicer, but oh well. Middle layer has 23 diapers in a 24" ribbon, and the top layer has 12 diapers around the blankets in a 22" ribbon, and then the leftover ribbon was used to tie the bow.

Next I decided to make some appliqued onesies with matching burp cloths. I loved doing these! They are so easy and so cute!! Char put up a tutorial for the burp cloths on her blog. The only thing I did differently was sew the fabric on both ends of the burp cloth, instead of just one. I had plenty of fabric, so I figured why not?! I made 5 onesies, and 6 burp cloths, since the white onesies came in a package of 5, and the cloth diapers came in a package of 6.


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