Monday, August 10, 2009

Before and After

I've been working on my front room for a while. I have a really pretty window treatment, but it's an odd color and therefore, hard to match things. (I don't have a pic because the sun is always causing a glare, and I keep forgetting to take one at night). Anyway, I'm still working on the walls so I don't have the room completely redecorated, but here are some of the things I've done.

Coffee and End Tables
I was given this coffee table and matching end table eight years ago. They are a little tattered, and I didn't know where to put them in my house. So they've been sitting in my garage collecting dust. I decided to refinish them. I sanded them down, sprayed them with Kilz primer, painted them black, then finished them off with a coat of polyurethane.See the gold trim. I don't love gold, but I had a bad experience with the chrome spray paint which involved me having to remove it all with lots of Q-tips and paint thinner. So it's still gold. Oh well....still much better.

We got this shelf as a wedding gift, seven years ago. I painted it black and distressed the edges three years ago, but I couldn't ever figure out how to decorate it. See... Solution? Scrapbook paper, distressed ink, and Mod Podge. Add a decorative plate I won at Bunco, and voila!

I actually like this wreath. I made it four years ago, but the flowers just didn't quite match. They were a little too orangeish. I found some new flowers and swapped them out. I like the original flowers better, but the color of the new ones match better so the overall look is improved.

Throw Pillows
I detest these pillows. Always have. Besides the fact that they are hideous, I made them before I knew about things like seam allowances, so they are poorly sewn. So you are probably wondering why they have been sitting on my couches for two years. Well, it can pretty much be summed up to the fact that when I was at the fabric store two years ago, both my kids were screaming and this was the only fabric that matched my window treatment. (Remember it's an odd color). I was sick of looking, and the thought of going to more stores with my kids stressed me out. So I grabbed the fabric, got home and made the pillows, and just haven't found new fabric to match since. A couple of weeks ago, I found some plain fabric that was the right color, so I made black pillows to accent with those. Also, here is a clock and FHE chart I made a couple of years ago. The clock was originally green, so I painted it black and distressed the edges. To tie in the burgundy/purplish color, I found some ribbon and used that to hang the little houses on the FHE chart.
So there you have it. Black and burgundy/purplish color themed. Like I said, I'm still working on the walls. I have some fun vinyl frames of my last name that I made last October. I'm trying to figure out how to hang those with a photo collage of our new family pictures. Then the room should be just about finished, and I'll put up a before and after pic. Stay tuned...

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