Friday, August 14, 2009

Bubble Dress

Isn't this dress adorable?Got the idea here. It was a good guideline, but I had to pretty much figure out most of it on my own. If you want to make one, you kind of have to figure out your own pattern, but don't be's still a really easy and quick sew. I bought way too much fabric. You only need 1/2 yard of the solid colored fabric, and then a little over a yard for the patterned fabric. (I needed 1 1/8 yd for my two dresses). I used 1/4" elastic and cut it the same length as the chest measurement, and liked the results. Another thing I learned...when you sew the straps on, just top stitch the entire top of the dress at the same time. I think they turned out really cute and my girls love them!


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