Saturday, September 19, 2009

Family Clock

I love my new clock that I made today at Super Saturday! It's surprisingly simple. To make this fabulous clock, get a circular piece of wood with a hole in the center for the clock parts to go through, and a notch cut out in the back for the clock battery pack to go in. Paint your base coat with a satin finish. I did a dark brown color. Allow to dry to the touch. Next paint a coat of weathered crackle glaze. Again allow to dry to the touch. Paint your top coat with a flat finish. I chose a cream color. Roman numerals and words are black vinyl. After the clock is completely dry, you can apply the vinyl. I set another clock in the center of my clock so I knew where to place the numbers. I'm not quite sure where we got our clock parts set, but I'm pretty sure you can get them at Robert's or Michael's. Anyway, after the vinyl is on, set up the clock (ours had a diagram to give you the how-to) and voila, you have a super cute clock!

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  1. I love how yours and Marci's turned out with the big crackles!


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