Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doll Stroller Cover Tutorial

Welcome to Sew Dang Cute! Even though I'm focusing on the sewing part of crafting, I will still occasionally post a recipe or miscellaneous craft, so become a follower, add me to your Google Reader, tell your friends, and don't miss another post! To kick things off, I wanted to give you a fun doll stroller covering tutorial. If you have a daughter(s) like me, then you have a doll stroller cover that *may* be ripped. Ours was, so I decided to make a new covering. I'm not going to claim originality with this concept, but I did make this pattern so here goes. It's for a standard doll stroller. I tried this on a couple and they worked. It did not however fit the Graco doll stroller. You can download the pattern here. You can also use the old cover as a pattern, if you prefer or it's a different size. My directions may seem crude, and I apologize. Hopefully, the pictures clear up any confusion. If not, please let me know!

Supplies needed:

  • 1/4 yd fabric (I used home decor in hopes that it holds up better, but cotton is fine)

  • 3 yds 1" heavy twill ribbon (or something similar)

  • Coordinating thread

  • Buckle thing (I took mine from the previous stroller covering)

All seams are topstitching unless otherwise noted. Print off the pattern and tape the pieces together along the dotted lines. Cut out the bottom and top pieces from your fabric. Cut a 2 1/2" x 9 1/8" rectangular piece of fabric. Starting with your rectangular piece, fold a long edge under 1/4" and press. This pressed edge will now be the top edge of this piece. Grab this piece and your bottom piece and line up the bottom edges, wrong sides together. Now you are going to topstitch along the top edge, leaving a 2" opening on each side, to sew these pieces together. I used pins to mark where to start and stop sewing. Cut a 7" piece of ribbon. Roll one end under about 1/8", then fold over to create a loop that's about 2". Stitch rolled end down. Pin other end to the right side of the bottom piece, in the center of the bottom edge, rolled end facing down. (See two pictures down for better idea). Cut a 28 1/2" piece of ribbon. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Center bottom piece in ribbon and pin down, starting and stopping where stitching is from sewing rectangular piece to bottom piece. I used red pins to show where to start and stop sewing. Set bottom piece aside. Cut two 4" pieces of ribbon. Fold each in half lengthwise, press, then topstich shut. Fold in half to form loop and pin to upper corners on wrong side of top piece. Cut 5" piece of ribbon. Feed one end through fastener. Roll end under and stitch down through both layers of ribbon, securing the fastener. Pin to left side of top piece about 4" up from the bottom. Cut 9" piece of ribbon. Feed one end through other part of fastener. Roll end under twice to create a hem and stitch down, but not through both layers of the ribbon since this is the ribbon you pull to tighten or loosen the lap belt.Connect both parts of fastener. Pin ribbon down to right side of top piece about 4" up from the bottom. Cut a 35" piece of ribbon. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Pin to outside edges of top piece, enclosing straps and loops. Cut off any excess. Here's a front and back view. Stitch down. Grab bottom piece and top piece. With right sides together, use the remaining ribbon from the bottom piece to enclose remaining raw edges of pieces. Pin together. Fold the raw edge of one end of the ribbon under and overlap the other end to enclose all the raw edges of the ribbon. Here are a couple of pictures to show what it looks like all pinned together. Stitch down and you are ALL DONE!!! Again, sorry if that doesn't make sense. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions!! Good luck!


  1. THANK YOU! I was about to toss that stupid little stroller. Re-doing the seat didn't even cross my mind. I may just use double-sided bias tape but only because that's what I have on hand. This is sweet!

  2. You know I've been super frustrated with my daughters strollers and never thought to make a new one myself for them! Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, My daughter has sat in hers and wiggled around in it to the point that most of the seat was torn or ripped. So i couldnt use it to make a pattern. the strollers original seat was made up of four seperate pieces, so yours was much easier to construct. She Loves it. I will be posting a pic of the one i made on my blogger, orangeblossomboutique2.blogspot.com

  4. I made my own pattern by cutting up the old cover. And I didn't use tape, just folded the edges over.

    Your tutorial looks great and I need to make another cover, so I will definitely be using this. Thank you!!!!

  5. Made this today after having it as a tab on my iPad for over a month. My daughter had her "baby" in it within ten seconds after I completed it. Thank you! We're all excited to have the stroller back in use.


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