Monday, November 2, 2009

Pajama Pants

We have a Christmas tradition in our family, that you get to open one present on Christmas Eve. Of course, that present is always pajamas! With Christmas around the corner, I decided to make some pajama pants for my girls this year. We went to the fabric store and I was going to have them pick out some flannel, but they didn't find any they liked. However, they did find some fleece, so that's what we got. These are my oldest daughter's. I bought a plain pink t-shirt to go with it. If it was short-sleeved, I was going to add some long sleeves with the same fabric as the pants to match, but I could only find long-sleeved, so I think I'll just make an applique instead. I'll post pics when I get those done. I mostly just wanted to get this posted to remind those in our sewing group that this will be our project this month. This Thursday @ 7...the usual place. If you need the supply info, let me know. I don't have a pattern to reference because I just used a pair of my daughter's pajama pants to make my own pattern. Three seams, two hems, and an elastic waistband later you have pants. Easy!!


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