Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Authentic Baby Mine Quilt {Throw Size}

I did it! I finished the project I was working on with the Authentic fabric...a quilt! I LOVE this quilt! I fell in love with it when I saw it on Moda...Home...Mom by Angela. Have you ever seen something before, and you not only loved it, but you loved exactly what you saw? That's what happened here. I loved the pattern (Baby Mine-Boy Version by Thimble Blossoms), the chenille, the Authentic fabric, the quilting, etc.

I am new to quilting. I have made quilts recently like here, here, and here, but those are rag and tied. I have never made a "quilted" quilt before. 6 months ago, I had no idea what words like "long-arm" and "short-arm" meant. Angela was sweet enough to answer my questions about how she did her quilt, and when I learned that she quilted it herself on her sewing machine with a walking foot, I was excited to try my first real quilt. Thank you so much Angela! Don't look too closely (remember this is my first), but here's how I quilted it - straight stitches. I don't think it turned out too bad. Anway, I love it and am really excited that a) it's done, and b) I did it by myself! I am definitely hooked on quilting now and am already looking around to see what to do next. I think next time, though, I'll have a quilter long-arm it with a pattern. There are so many possibilities out there!!

This is an awesome pattern! You get two-in-one! I did modify it a little. It's a baby-size quilt (45"x50"). I wanted mine a little bigger, so I made it 50"x 72". Very easy to make those changes: an extra charm pack, and a little extra yardage. One dessert roll, instead of 2 charm packs would work as well (and I still have 2 left)....hint, hint!!!


  1. Looks fantastic! You should be really proud of that! My first finish was not nearly so worthy of seeing the light of day lol.

  2. That is sew dang cute! Ha ha!

    Seriously, though...darling!

  3. I love the Authentic line! Great job on your first quilt. I would l.o.v.e. a walking foot... but the husband just won't take my hints! Maybe next Christmas?
    It looks awesome.


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