Saturday, April 24, 2010

Multi-Purpose Memo Board Tutorial

In case you missed me yesterday on Tatertots & Jello, here's a new tutorial I shared.

I am going to share with you how to make this multi-purpose memo board. Let's get started shall we?

Materials Needed:
  • Piece of wood 21" x 19" (mine was 3/8" thick)
  • Three frames (or you can just use cardboard and transparency paper)
  • Cork Board
  • Batting
  • Fabric - 1/4 yd for frames, 1/4 yd center piece, 1 yd corkboard and cover wood piece
  • 3 yds ribbon
  • 8 buttons
  • Cardboard
  • Paper stapler/staples
  • Mod-Podge
  • E6000, Epoxy, or some other similar type of glue

1. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than your piece of wood and lay the wood on top of it. Clip each corner as shown below. Apply Mod-Podge to the wood and fold fabric over to glue in place. Once all four sides are folded over and glued down, apply Mod-Podge on top of all the fabric. We are only working with the back side. Do not apply any Mod-Podge to the front. Set aside to dry.

2. Grab your frames. I bought these paperish ones at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each, but I had to rip them apart like so. All you need is the top of the frame and the transparency sheet, so really you can just use cardboard and transparency paper. Cover the frames with fabric and Mod-Podge similar to step 1, but this time cut out the center of the fabric as well. I left about 1/2" to fold over. Clip at a diagonal into each of the inside corners, then fold over and Mod-Podge. Once all four sides are folded up and glued in place, apply Mod-Podge on top of all the fabric, again only to the back. Set aside to dry.

3. Cut a piece of cardboard and batting 21" x 8", and fabric slightly larger than the piece of cardboard. Layer fabric right side down, batting, then cardboard. Cover with Mod-Podge just like in step 1. Set aside to dry.

4. Cut a piece of cardboard 21" x 6". Draw a 1" frame on the cardboard. Cut out the center piece along the lines you just drew, so you have a big frame. Cover with fabric and Mod-Podge just like we did the photo frames and set aside to dry.

5. Once everything is dry, staple the piece of transparency paper to the back of the photo frames, the cork board to the back of the frame we made in step 4 (if possible, use two layers of cork board here or thicker cork board), and the ribbon to the back of the center piece we made in step 3. Hand stitch the buttons to the center piece where the ribbons criss-cross, so your final middle piece looks like this.

6. Using E6000, Epoxy, or another similar type of strong glue, glue all the pieces to the front of your memo board. I put my photo frames on top (make sure you don't glue the top side of the want to be able to put pictures in those frames). I put the center piece from step 3 in the middle, and the corkboard piece on the bottom. Here is the final result. Add some pictures, reminder notes, coupons, etc., and you now have a multi-purpose memo board. The last step is to attach your preferred hanging hardware. I like these sawtooth thingys. That's it! I hope you enjoyed that tutorial! Any questions, please let me know!!!

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  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [24 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. I saw your project on Something I Whipped Up Monday. Great Tutorial!!! I never thought of putting the putting the three pieces together like that. Very creative. I absolutely love the green fabric you used!

    Holly at

  3. Absolutly beautiful! Great job! I love oyur fabric choices! : )

  4. Lovin' this COOL idea and lovin' the fabric! Hope you have a FUN day!


  5. Looks great! I love the color too! I'm hosting a link party for Mod Podge Projects this weekend! I'd love for you to come link up!

  6. This is totally cute - turned out very pretty!


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