Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turning a Tube Inside Out in SECONDS!!

We've all been there. You sew a skinny little tube and then have to turn it inside out. Maybe you grab a paper clip and spend forever on the process. My mom taught me this trick for turning tubes inside out, and it is SUPER QUICK!

Let's start out with the tube.

(Contrasting thread used for demonstration purposes)

You've sewn it RST and now need to turn it out. Clip the corners being careful not to cut through the seam.

I didn't take pictures step-by-step of the rest, but I did include a video, so I hope it makes sense.

Sorry if my fingers got in the way. Here's the basis of it. On the end with the clipped corners, bunch a little bit of fabric over your stick (pencil with erasers work great because the fabric kind of sticks to the eraser). Then shimmy a little bit of fabric down until you can just pull a good amount over the stick. Then just pull the rest. Leave your stick still in there and poke out the corners, then let your stick fall out.

Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Great tip! Thanks to you and your mom for this :)

  2. This tip is totally for me! I shy away from sewing projects that involve sashes and ties because I hate making them! Thanks!

  3. Good one! Way faster than a safety pin :)

  4. They actually make a tool for this that I discovered recently - if you shove the stick through a plastic tube, it helps turn even faster - LOVE this trick!! http://craftedition.blogspot.com/2010/06/quick-turn-tool.html

  5. Oh thank you so much, I have been making aprons and I hate those ties..this will be perfect!


  6. I had 24 skinny tubes to turn today. You saved me tons of time! Thx!!


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