Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All-Star Baby Quilt

Ready for the final installment in the crib bedding? It's the quilt.
Materials needed:
-1/2 yd green
-1 yd red
-1/2 yd light blue
-1 yd white
-2 1/2 yds dark blue
-1/4 yd orange
-1/4 yd brown
-1/4 yd black
-Coordinating thread(s)
-Applique patterns, click each to download (Baseball, Basketball, Soccerball, Football, Stars, All-Star)

1. Let's start with the green (2), dark blue (2), and light blue (1) diamonds. Cut 22" x 15" squares of each. Find the midpoint of each side and mark it. Then use a ruler and trace a line between the marks to create a diamond. Cut along these lines. Now you should have two green diamonds, two dark blue, and 1 light blue.

2. For the red diamonds, use the same method above beginning with (2) 21" x 16" squares. Once you have both diamonds cut, you need to cut one diamond in half lengthwise, and the other diamond in half widthwise. 3. Cut one light blue 22" x 14" piece, then cut a diamond using the same method as in step 1. Cut this diamond in fourths, so you end up with four smaller diamonds. 4. Print off the baseball and football patterns. Print two of the footballs, you'll need one to cut out the brown ball and one to cut the side white strips. Cut out the paper images. Pin those to the coordinating fabrics (i.e. football to brown). Trace the lines from the baseball to your fabric, we'll stitch over those with red thread. You'll also want to trace the laces of the football, and we'll stitch over those with white. Cut out your appliques. I used the starch applique method and a very tight zig-zag stitch and sewed the baseball and football to the two green diamonds. 5. Print off the basketball and soccerball patterns. Print two soccerballs so you can cut out both the white ball and the black hexagons. Cut the paper images out and pin to coordinating fabrics and cut those out. (Basketball - orange, Soccer - white & black). Trace the black lines of the soccerball and the black lines of the basketball. Sew to the two dark blue diamonds using the same method as above. 6. Print off the stars and "All-Star" words. I used wonder-under for these. Follow this great tutorial if you aren't sure how to. Then I did a simple edge stitch to attach the stars to the red diamonds and the "All-Star" to the light blue diamond.

7. Now we need to cut our white pieces. Cut (7) 1 1/2" strips and sew RST along the short ends. Then cut (2) 2" x 36" pieces and (3) 2" strips. Sew the (3) 2" strips together and then cut that strip into (2) 2" x 50" pieces.

8. Now we get to start making our rows. Use the diagram below to determine which pieces to sew together. I recommend sewing each of the individual rows first, then sewing all the rows together. Use the 1 1/2" strips between pieces when forming the rows and then in between each row. Cut as necessary.

9. Now we just need to add the 2" white border around the quilt. Sew the 36" pieces to the top and bottom, then sew the 50" pieces to the sides. The quilt top is now done.

10. This quilt was taken to Material Girls for the actual "quilting". They had the perfect pattern to do this. You can see it a little better from the back. I used dark blue for the backing and warm & white for the batting, then dark blue for the binding, and it's finished! If you need help with the binding, Moose on the Porch Quilts' tutorial is my favorite. Blanket and crib bedding complete! For the rest of the crib bedding tutorials, click on the links below.

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  1. wow, really great quilt. I love all the applique on it... I'm thinking of doing something like this with a transportation theme for my son. Yours looks really professional.

  2. beautiful crib quilt. You did a great job.

  3. How do you do the stitching (red) on the baseball? please help

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