Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Blanket/Wide Binding Tutorial

Now that I'm no longer selling my products, I thought I would share tutorials on them. The most popular things I sold were definitely the gift sets. The key part to these gift sets is the blanket with the wide binding. So let's learn how this is made, shall we?

-1 yd minky
-1 yd main fabric
-3/4 yd binding fabric
-coordinating thread
-invisible thread (optional)

Minky is a wider fabric, so when you buy 1 yd of it, you'll have enough to make two blankets. Cut the minky in half so you have a piece about 30" x 36", and set the other piece aside for a future blanket. Take the 1 yd of main fabric and lay it right-side down. Next place the minky right-side up on top of it. We need to trim up all four sides so both pieces are the same size. Pin the two layers together. This is going to be the blanket piece. Go ahead and set it aside for now and let's get the binding ready. Grab the binding fabric and cut (4) 6 1/2" strips. Lay two of the strips RST (right sides together) at a 90 degree angle. Use a ruler and lay it on the fabric from corner to corner on, and trace a line from these two corners as shown below. Stitch along this line and trim the excess. When you open up the fabric, you now have a longer continuous piece. Repeat with the remaining strips.

**I have to apologize right now. I have pictures from two different blankets in this tutorial.**

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and press. I prefer to use a walking foot from here on out to ensure an even feed, but a regular sewing foot works just fine. Leaving about a 12" tail at the beginning of the binding, start sewing the binding to the blanket in the middle of one side (NOT AT A CORNER), using a 1/4" seam allowance and lining up the raw edges of both binding and blanket. Note: Since I am going to machine stitch when finishing the binding I am going to sew the binding to the bottom of the blanket first. If you plan on handstitching the binding to finish, sew the binding to the top of the blanket.

Here's how I do the corners. Sew until you reach 1/4" from the edge of the blanket. Backstitch. Take a ruler or measuring tape and measure down 1 1/2" from the EDGE of the blanket. Place a pin in the binding fabric to mark this spot. Fold the binding over to the side at a 45 degree angle. Fold the fabric back, lining up the pin with the edge of the blanket. Start sewing again at the pin. Repeat with the other three corners. When you start to get back to where you started sewing the binding, stop about 12" before you reach your starting point. Cut a little piece off one end of the binding strip. It doesn't matter which end. Then lay both ends of the binding strip flat on the blanket. Unfold the cut piece and lay it just above the binding. Trim your binding so the left edge of one binding piece lines up with the edge of the unfolded piece and the right edge of the other binding piece lines up with the other edge of the unfolded piece. Now lay both binding pieces at a 90 degree angle to each other just like we did when we were sewing all the binding strips together in the beginning. Trace a line again from corner to corner. I usually pin these together because they tend to bunch up. Stitch along the traced line. Trim excess and now you should be able to lay your binding flat on the blanket. Stitch the rest of the binding to the blanket. I like to press at this point. Flip your blanket over and begin pinning the binding down to the other side just above the stitch line. When you get to the corner, it should naturally lay like this. Then when you begin folding that side up you will have formed a pretty mitered corner. If you are handstitching the binding, go ahead and do that now. I like to machine stitch and use invisible thread. Stitching pretty close to the edge, stitch the binding down on all four sides. Last we need to close up the corners. This is where I handstitch/blindstitch. Begin at one end and slide the needle just under a bit of the lower layer and then a bit of the top layer and pull tight. Repeat until you reach the other end. Knot off your needle and repeat for the back side of the blanket. You should now have a beautiful mitered corner. Repeat with the other three corners. Give the blanket one final press and you are finished!


  1. You are right, the big binding makes it way cute! I love how easy this is. Thanks.

  2. HELP!!! I am making a toddler blanket with finished dimensions of 36X50. How much more yardage would I need for the binding? Thank you so much for your awesome help and tutorials!

  3. Thanks so much for this tute. It's exactly what I was looking for!

  4. Thanks for sharing this idea - I made some of these as a shower gift and blogged about it today:

    Mine didn't come out quite as nicely as yours but they were still very admired by the recipients (and the other shower guests too).

    Great blog - keep up the good work!

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  6. I've never been able to figure out how to do mitered corners with binding tape, and your pictures are a wonderful help! I do have one question though; is there any reason why you place the "marking pin" 1 1/2 inches back from the corner? Does the 1 1/2 inches depend on the size of the binding and would that amount change if I am using smaller binding?

    Thanks SO much! I'm a self-taught seamstress so I'm constantly amazed at those who really know what they're doing, lol!


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