Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spray painted Stepstool

I've got a new Moda Bake Shop coming up on the 23rd of this month. You'll have to wait until then to see what it is and the tutorial, but here's a sneak peek. To go along with this MBS project, I needed a stepstool. I found an unfinished one at Michaels and with my 50% off coupon, I couldn't resist.


Solution: Seek the advice from a friend who is an expert with spray paint.

Just in case you've ever been in the same boat, here's the successful method.

If you are using unfinished wood, sand it down. Using a damp cloth, wipe off all the dust. I decided to use a primer, however this isn't always necessary. Make sure to use multiple thin coats. Grab the paint color of your choice. If you get Krylon, be careful where you buy it. I recommend a craft store. I got mine at Roberts, again with a 50% off coupon. I'm told that Rustoleum is also a good brand. Spray away, again with multiple thin coats. You can stop here, but I decided to apply a couple of coats of polyurethane since it's going to get stepped on a lot. Allow to completely dry.

Last I made a stencil and sprayed on a design to add a little flair and dress the stool up a bit.

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  1. I took a photography class in the spring and we learned all sorts of things to do with pictures. There is a product called lazertran that you can print your photos on. This product is clear, thin, and intended to transfer to other surfaces. My prof shellac-ed it onto a piece of wood. This stool would be a great canvas for a project like that. (We worked in black and white by the way.)


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