Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twin-Size version of Minky Baby Blanket

Last week I shared with you how to make a soft, minky baby blanket with wide binding. My friend just had a baby and got one of those baby blankets. Her 7-year old daughter said:

"Mom, I wish you were friends with her when I was a baby."

I guess she wanted a blanket as well. How could I not make one for her? She wanted a twin-size blanket, which is 66" x 90", and picked out her fabrics. Here's how you can make one as well.

Materials needed:
- 4 1/2 yds main fabric
- 2 1/2 yds minky
- 1 1/2 yds binding fabric
- Batting(Warm & Natural)
- Coordinating thread

1. Cut your main fabric in half lengthwise, so you have two pieces that are 4 1/2 yds x 22". Then cut each of those in half so you end up with 4 pieces 2 1/4 yds x 22". You'll only need three of these. They will make up the top layer of the blanket. Sew the three panels RST (right sides together) using a 1/2" seam allowance, along the 2 1/2 yd side. Press seams. The baby blankets are so small that we didn't need to quilt them to prevent the layers from separating, but with a twin-size blanket we need to quilt it somehow to keep the layers together. I also used batting so the blanket was still soft and plush. I'm not a quilter and do not have a long-arm machine. I also really wanted to keep the minky soft and full, and not completely stitched over, so I went with a very simple quilting pattern that I could do on my sewing machine. It's kind of like a snake that winds across the blanket. Click on the picture above to see it better.

I used a dinner plate to trace the circular parts. Then used a ruler to trace the lines, making sure that the lines were 10" apart the entire length of the blanket. Then I pinned a lot because minky tends to stretch and I didn't want it bunching between all the stitching. After it was quilted, I trimmed up all the sides so all three layers were the same size. Pin frequently around all the edges. I finished it with the wider binding. See here for instructions. The only difference is you will need (8) 6 1/2" strips instead of (4) to cover the entire perimeter of the blanket. Now you should have your finished blanket. Final measurements for this quilt was 66" x 84".


  1. So cute. What a great gift. I love that fabric as well. Used some for my little girls doll quilt.

  2. I really like that! But my daughter has a full sized bed. I wonder if I could handle sewing/quilting all that minky because yes, it does bunch and stretch. Hmmmm. Something to think about.

  3. That's so cute. I think I want one! LOL

    I recently became an aunt and I made some blankets for my new niece. They were fun and addicting to make!

  4. What a cute comment from a smart 7-year old.

    Enjoying following your blog.

  5. I love this! I seriously need to take a sewing class so I can make my kids there own bedding! I love everything that you have done so far.

  6. Oh so cute! That was very sweet of you to make the little girl her own soft blanket. She will love it. Thanks for the photos, and sharing the process. I'll be keeping this in mind for some little people I know. Christmas is coming.....

  7. How did you get a 66" wide quilt when the minky is usually only 60" wide? Am I missing something? I've just added the thick binding to mine, using your instructions to a "T" and I'm trying to do the miter corner and it isn't working at all. It's too tight to create any kind of decent looking corner. So sad right now. :( The only way to get a good corner is to fold the binding all the way over so that one side has a 1/2" binding and the other side has about 3". Probably doesn't make sense, but I'm afraid that's what I'll have to do.


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