Saturday, October 2, 2010

Botany Baby Mine Blanket {Girl Version}

Babies are everywhere this year in my family. Three of my brothers and one sister all have had or will have a baby in 2010. Crazy! I really like to make them each something, and so far each of them has chosen some sort of blanket. My sister's baby got this rag quilt. My brother's baby got this all-star quilt. Another brother's baby got this puff quilt. Now for the last brother...

The problem is: His wife is pretty crafty herself and sews very well. In fact, my SIL is Amanda of Every Crafty Endeavor. She picked out some fabric and a pattern a while ago, but she's been super busy and hasn't had a chance to get to it. Good news for me!!! I got to make something for their sweet little girl after all. Yay! I know. It's not finished yet. That's just the quilt top. So just imagine how cute it's going to look with some adorable quilting pattern and binding. It was a fun quilt and it came together fast. The fabric is Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung. The pattern is Baby Mine {Girl Version} by Thimble Blossoms. You may remember the {Boy Version} I made earlier this year. Really great pattern!


  1. I love it!! Actually, I love all of them. Thanks for linking your old posts. I need to go back and see how you made that puff quilt! Congrats auntie!

  2. wow - you've been busy - they are fabulous

  3. You're Char's neighbor and Amanda's SIL? Who DON'T you know?? :)
    I Love that quilt top. Awesome job!

  4. What a good Aunt you are. Your quilts are beautiful.

  5. great quilts! you've been busy :)


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