Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do You Want the Latest Updates?

Did you know that you can get all the latest info on the contest by clicking on the "Crafting with the Stars" tab at the top of the page. It shows the current status of the competition, links to past rounds, and has contestants/stars info, etc.

Also, due to numerous requests to get on Facebook/Twitter, I've set up a Facebook page. (Baby steps, we'll see how FB goes, then maybe I'll join Twitter). You can click the "Like" button over in my sidebar, or just click here to go to my Facebook page. I'll post all the updates for the competition so you can always know what's going on.

One last thing, linky parties for each round will be open until November 16th. So if you've done a project that's Brand Inspired/Knock-Offs or plan on doing one, link up here. I'll be showcasing link-ups at the end of the competition.


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