Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Pumpkins

Quite a few of you have asked me about the fabric pumpkins I posted last week in my fall post. I made them about 6 years ago at a Super Saturday (a bunch of women from the neighborhood get together to craft, craft, craft). So just in case you were wondering, here is how they were made.

Materials needed:
- Fabric
- Coordinating thread
- Embroidery floss
- Polyfil
- Green felt
- Leaves template (click to download)
- Stick
- Hot glue & gun
- Raffia

This is the pumpkin we are going to make right now. To make one shorter/taller, skinner/wider, you will need to adjust the fabric piece accordingly. I started out with an 18" x 11.5" piece of fabric and stitched RST (right sides together) along the 11.5" edge, so you have a tube of sorts. Turn it inside out and sew a basting stitch along one of the raw edges. This will now be the bottom of our pumpkin. Pull the threads to gather. (I find the bobbin thread is easier to pull). Once it's gathered, tie the strings off in a knot and trim the excess thread. Don't worry about what it looks like right now, we are going to cover it with a leaf later. Sew a basting stitch along the top raw edge, then stuff Polyfil inside until it's the desired fullness. Gather the strings along the top that you just sewed before stuffing and tie off just like we did the bottom. That's your pumpkin. Let's define it a little bit now.

Grab some embroidery floss. Place the floss underneath the pumpkin and bring it up around the sides to the top and tie off. Tie it pretty tightly so it squishes the stuffing a little bit to give the pumpkin more definition. Repeat several times to create all the different sections of the pumpkin. I used four strings for mine. Go ahead and rearrange them until you like they way they look. I made sure one of my strings covered up the seam.

Print off the leaves template and cut out the different leaves. Then pin those paper leaves onto your green felt and cut those out. Take the more circular leaf and hot glue it to the bottom of your pumpkin. (See, now those strings are all covered up)? Turn the pumpkin over and squeeze out a glob of hot glue on the top and place the little piece stick in it to create the stem. (I just ran out to my yard and grabbed a little stick off the ground and clipped it to clean it up a bit). Cut a slit in the middle of the biggest leaf (the pointy one) and slide it over your stem and glue it down. Then take the last two leaves and glue those on the top as well. Tie a little raffia around the stem and you are done. Let your pumpkin join the rest of the patch. Remember to get pumpkins of different sizes, you will need to adjust the size of the fabric piece and the size of your leaves. Have fun making them!


  1. these are great, my kids will love them!

  2. Super cute! I love the different fabrics :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow. I am totally going to go and make these. Today.

  4. Love your fabric choices!


  5. Very cute - just might have to make myself a few of those to display on my table.

  6. So cute, love the colour and prints very much... its a fun project

  7. Im going make some early for this fall thank you so much for the tutorial!


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