Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guest Blogger: J.C. Crew Inspired top by Welcome to the gOOd life!

I hope you are all getting into our Round 1 theme: Brand Inspired/Knock-Offs. Today we have a special treat - Sarah from Welcome to the gOOd life! is here to share with us a brand inspired tutorial. If you haven't visited her blog before and seen all the AMAZING knock-offs she makes, you NOW! In fact, all the clothing pictures in the Round 1 image above are her creations. She is incredibly talented and I'm thrilled to welcome her here today !

Hello fellow readers of Sew Dang Cute! My name is Sarah Tyau from Welcome to the gOOd life! I'm a stay at home mother of two little princesses two and under and a wife of an amazing husband.

My blog consists of everything from joys/hardships of being a mother, DIY sewing projects, milestones of my kids, and in general, that life is truly beautiful and we should live every moment to the fullest. So feel free to stop by my blog anytime!

Today, I have a DIY tutorial for you and here is my inspiration.

J.Crew ruffled flower top. (from the girls' section)

in my closet I found:

this long, baggy gray top
and a gray silk tank top, leftover from this top I made.
1. Cut five of 2" thick strips from the tank top.
2. mark where you want the flower to be.
3. sew the strips in stitch length 5.
4. it should look like this.
5. pull just one of the two strings while pulling the fabric the opposite way.
6. it should ruffle like this.
7. place the ruffle on top of the shirt and pin it. then sew it on regular stitch length 2.5.
7. repeat again by placing the ruffle strip, pinning it, then sewing.
8. continue until the top part is covered. the middle part,
you sew it in a little circle for the flower effect.
9. sew the ends by the neckline so it's a clean seam.
the left side isn't finished, the right side is.
10. the inside of the shirt should look like this.
11. iron on medium setting with another fabric over it to
protect the silk fabric from burning.
*12. I also tailored the top into a plain long gray top.

You are now DONE!!!


Now go try it yourself! Best luck!


  1. I found Sarah's blog a few days ago and was sooo impressed! That is a beautiful sweater!


  2. This shirt is "so dang cute".

  3. Oh MY! You are AMAZING! this is GREAT!

  4. Wow what a transformation!! Beautiful!

  5. Wow, I love this! And it looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. Can a great idea ...

    Below you should see my work address of mine ... ... waiting for your visit:))

  7. I'm obsessed!!! That's amazing!!! :)

  8. WOW! i am so impressed. projects like these motivate me to keep sewing!!!


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