Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reminder!!! Tomorrow is the last day...

Friday (Tomorrow) is the last day to enter the "Crafting with the Stars" contest!!!
So if you haven't already submitted your project, hurry and finish it up and get it entered before tomorrow 8 pm MST.

A couple of last minute things:

1. Only 1 entry per person/site. I have emailed most of you about this who have more than one project entered, and we've taken care of it. However, if you have not responded back to me, I strongly suggest you do. Otherwise, I will choose which project is your entry and delete the others.

2. If you have the entry - Square Knot Hangbag, please let me know what site to link to. It is currently linked to my site. If we don't get your site linked, we don't know who did that project.

I think that's it! I can't believe all the amazing projects that have been entered already. You guys are so incredibly talented! I know this is going to be such a fun contest because of all the creative minds out there!!!! I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are, too. The 12 contestants will be announced Tuesday, October 19th. Good luck to all!!!!!


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