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Round 2 Projects - Time to Vote

Happy Halloween! We have quite the treat today with these Round 2 - Paint projects. Each of these ladies has been hard at work this past week, and have once again, cranked out jaw-dropping creations. You get to choose your favorite 3, so be sure to scroll down and vote at the end of this post.

Project #1 - Dining Room Wall Art
Forks? Knives? Spoons? Take a stab at modern wall art!
A simple painted piece of MDF is spiffed to the max with the addition of abstract images of a fork, knife, and spoon- all made up of said utensils. The white painted border ties all three images together and really makes the scoop.

Cut out the idle chatter with dinner company; these statement-makers also double as conversation-starters. While you are at it, would you please pass the Grey Poupon?

Now that, my friends, is fine dining!

Project #2 - Shipping Crate Date Table
Shipping Crate to Romantic Date

The crate was "free fitty free" thanks to a local shipping company who when I asked if they had any eagerly said "How many will you take?" After 4 coats of paint, interrupted by lots & lots of hand sanding {where did I put my electric sander?} and 8 dollars in supplies later our magnolia tree now has a gorgeous sitting area beneath it.

Throw in some rice paper lanterns and hand painted paper flowers and relax!

Project #3 - Paint Poppin' Pillows
These Paint Poppin' Pillows are sure to brighten up anyone's day!

It's time to shake things up and celebrate fall with some fresh, fun colors. These toss pillows incorporate the traditional fall hues with pops of turquoise. I love how well they coordinate with my favorite pillow!

A spunky owl perches in the branches of this charming tree watching the leaves fall. Made of canvas these pillows are right at home on your porch. And the best part is they're ready for winter too!

Just flip the pillows over and you're all set for a cozy evening by the fireside. Once again, a little pop of turquoise reminds you to celebrate the season and "let it snow".

Project #4 - Distressed "EAT" Sign
I'm very comfortable with paint, but decided to do something I haven't done in many years... distressing. In fact, with this project I did the distressing differently than I have in the past and let me tell you, I was really nervous! :)

Each letter needed three colors, and each depended on the other so they would show through. The E and the T both needed a base coat of a light, but bright color, then a darker color, followed by another light color. The A was different as I wanted it to contrast the other two, so I had to start with dark, go light, then dark again. In fact, I had to write all the colors down to keep it straight! :) Topped everything off with a couple pieces of very tarnished silverware and it's ready to hang!

Project #5 - Awesome-Fied Desk & Frames
I am starting a new design genre movement. Its called "Thrift Store Glam". Basically it's junk that you find at your favorite thrift store then awesome-fy it. I am addicted to the transforming power of paint. Take a look at this before.
I got the desk for $5.00 and it was used and abused. After a date with my sander, primer, Krylon Banner Red, and Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze in Black Silk, she was a completely different piece of furniture. Each of these frames was also purchased at the thrift store, the most expensive one being $5.00. I love the color combo. I love the tarnished brass. I kind of want to marry this whole shebang.
Now friends, lets take a closer look at the mirrors.
This is a really easy Anthro-inspired technique using paint stripper and acid (sounds terrifying but its not). The acid randomly eats away the reflective coating on the mirror and you get something that looks like it crossed the plains with your great great great grandmother. I put coordinating fabric behind to add some color and character. I hope that this project has you inspired to go and paint some junk too!

Project #6 - Maze Wall Art & Chalkboard Dresser
There are two common phrases I hear around my house that drive me insane. The first:

"I'm bored!"

The second:

"I can't find my (insert article of clothing here)."

With this project, we solved both those problems! Using chalkboard paint, we did a mini-makeover of one of my children's bedrooms. We painted a dresser with chalkboard paint so that my little one can keep track of exactly what is in each drawer AND how many are left. No more complaining about being out of pants, only to have me go and find 5 pair sitting right on the bed! Just look at the drawer, and we can see there are 3 pairs left inside. The possibilities are endless with chalkboard paint. Love that stuff!

We had some leftover chalkboard paint, and there are some little people in my house who love mazes, so we made maze wall art! Now, the kids can just pull the art down off the wall, grab a piece of chalk, and have hours of fun finding all the paths through the maze! Oh, and did I mention that the paint is magnetic? We attached a magnet to our chalk so we can stick it right to the canvas!

As you can see, I couldn't even keep these projects away from the kids long enough to photograph them! They are a huge hit in our house.

Project #7 - Decorative Vintage Milk Jug

I've had this vintage milk jug for a while, and I've been itching to paint it. After scrubbing and bleaching it a bit, I applied my favorite shade of orange to the outside, then a brown glaze to soften the orange and distress it a bit. I felt it needed a little something else, so I made this acorn frame. I LOVE acorns, and have been anxious to craft with them. I spray painted white ribbon to match the yellow frame I painted. I also added mini acorns to the frame, and found GIANT acorns for the center and added a touch of green to them. I then added a piece of scrap paper to the back and voila! A new front porch decorative piece.

Project #8 - Snowboarder Wall
I decided to go "old school" and put some paint on a wall! But I tried to make it "new school" by creating a graphic in Photoshop, and filling an entire wall with it! With only 4 colors, I made my own little paint by numbers guide and went to town with a little square brush.

Paint can do so many amazing things, and this week, it has transformed a little boys' room to a space cool enough for a teenager! (No small feat if you've ever met a teenage boy). This guy is larger than life and taller than this teenage boy, (for now).

Project #9 - Alphabet Sideboard

I made a "sideboard" for my son's twin bed. I got an old closet door, painted it navy blue and stenciled on letters (with spray paint), since he loves the alphabet. Then I added on shallow shelves with a lip so that he could put things on them (you know how little boys collect things like crazy!) I decided to hang it horizontally because of the way the furniture in the room needs to be arranged. I love the way this turned out and it makes a huge decorative statement in his bedroom. Plus the shelves are super convenient for bedtime story reading!

I made a few large letters out of paper mache and spray painted them. Originally I was going to put them right on the door, but paper mache is tricky and the letters didn't lie flat. So I just use them now as part of the decor!

I told you jaw-dropping, right?!!! Now it's up to you. Click on your favorite 3 below and cast your vote! (Go on click over from Google know you want to). Polls are open until Tuesday, November 2nd @ 7 am MST, and winners will be announced at 9 am MST. Good luck contestants/stars!!!


  1. WHAT! These are straight up INSANITY ladies! Great job!

    Love your guts

  2. Wow!! It was pretty hard to pick just three! I have to say the wall mural and chalk dresser are pretty awesome! My husband would want a motorcycle mural and my daughter would love to be able to draw on her furniture!

  3. K people... You are all professional painters. Do you have the paint coveralls and everything??? I don't.

    You are all extremely genius and I'd like to order one of each please! Where's the "buy now" buttons???


    I am inspired! Seriously amazing job on all the projects!

    Sew Dang Cute....this is a blast!

    Thanks for hosting! I am learning so much.


  5. i am blown away by the snowboarder. i want to know how she got the pic big enough to paint it on the wall!! i have wanted to do something like that for my son for a while but, lacked the technical knowledge to make it happen. WOW!

  6. wow! what great choices!!! Fantastic choices - I had to vote for the shipping pallet - I am a sucker for a low table!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!/Party Frosting!
    party inspiration

  7. Oh, boy!! This is my favorite part! As in Round 1, it was a tough choice, to be sure. Such talent and imagination!! I had to scroll through countless times. But the shipping pallet appealed to me the very most.

  8. They are all great projects.. done by some very talented people. Too bad they all can't win cuz they all deserve to win.

  9. That was nearly impossible to narrow it down to three votes! Every time I'd see a project and decide to vote for it, I'd continue scrolling and see something else just as awesome. Great job!

  10. WOW!!! These are just incredible projects! And we can only pick three??? Very impressive, ladies!

  11. These projects are fabulous!! I had a difficult time picking 3! I wanted to vote for all of them. I am so impressed with each and every project and thats hard to do! :)

  12. I only get to pick 3!!!! Yikes!!!! I don't think I am THAT creative on my best day!!! Fabulous how ordinary becomes the extraordinary!

  13. They are all darling I couldn't be judge in contest,when everybody put's their hearts into such great projects,Luck to all ...cookie17

  14. Wow I love the color combo of the milk can display!

  15. This has been such great fun and I am so glad to be a part of it! Such amazing talent in this group!! You rock ladies!

  16. I can't vote! I want to pick all of them! So cool. You guys are super talented!

  17. I voted. But I will say the pictures are waaaaay too small. I would try and make them as large as your layout with allow you too. I even tried clicking on the pictures to make them no avail. I definitely think it would change my vote if I could see the details a bit more. But all in all...super talented group of ladies!

  18. It's so hard to pick only 3 that I like best, cause I love all of them...well, have to choose anyway...great job, ladies!

  19. What fun and creative ideas. Such talented ladies.

  20. These projects are gorgeous! Each of these gals is so talented.

  21. Love love love it all!! I can see those mirrors in my house already!! And the EAT sign will make perfect Christmas gifts for at least 3 people on my list!! Oh my goodness, please please keep this talent going and going and going!!!!!!!!!

  22. I love the pillows! I want a set of them for my decorations :)

  23. Crushin HARD on the desk and frames!!!!

  24. Wow! That's all I can say. I absolutely LOVE the dining room wall art. Both projects with the fork, knife, and spoon, and the EAT sign are fantastic. I also love the idea of the shipping crate. Sure wish I hadn't missed the voting, but I'm excited to see the winners and the next round. What a fun contest to watch and "steal" ideas for our own homes. ;) Many thanks to all of you gutsy, creative ladies!


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