Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get Your FREE Photo Canvas!!!

If you are looking for "Say It On The Wall" giveaway for some free VINYL, click here. Giveaway ends tomorrow, November 24th @ 10 pm MST.

If you are looking for the Three Scoops of Love custom jewelry giveaway, click here. Giveaway runs until Sunday, November 28th @ 10 pm MST.

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I'm sure you have all heard of Canvas People by now, but if not, today is your lucky day! Canvas People takes your photo and turns it into a beautifully, wrapped canvas. We got our family pictures done last month and I was thrilled to create my own photo canvas.

I also LOVE what Shelley from How Does She? did with pics of her kids. I just might have to copy this.

Wouldn't this be a perfect gift for Christmas? Well you are in luck, because you can get an 8x10 photo canvas FREE!! That is not a typo, it really is FREE!! All you have to pay for is shipping. If you want to upgrade to an 11x14 like I did, it's only $9.99. Pretty sweet, right?!

So click on over to Canvas People, upload your photo, and your canvas could be on its way to your home today. You can also click on the ad over in my sidebar to take advantage of this FABULOUS deal!!!


  1. 1) not a giveaway?! It's everyone's lucky day!
    2) Do you know how long this will last? I don't have the photo I want yet.

  2. I wouldn't recommend Canvas People. I upgraded my free print offer for a larger size for $33 plus $25 shipping and the canvas was poorly stretched and creased from the frame. One staple even missed the frame on the top and popped through the top of the canvas! It's been weeks and I'm still trying to get it replaced! The customer service person, Patt, has been giving me the run around. I was told a replacement would be sent and then was told I won't be getting one after all and would get free shipping on another canvas "as a courtesy".
    I think it's worth paying a little more if you want the canvas to be good quality. (and deal with better customer service)

    Love your family photo though and looks like your print came out much better than mine!!!

  3. Sorry, I meant $20 shipping not $25 :)

  4. I just wanted to comment again in case anyone reads this! :) After emailing back again, we worked it out and I received a replacement canvas. It is MUCH nicer! Not sure what happened with the first, but the new one is very nice.


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