Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Used What to Cut My Appliques?!

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For whatever reason, I love making blankets. When I saw this blanket on the Moda Bake Shop back in February, I knew I wanted to make it. Fortunately, my friend was kind enough to have a baby a few weeks ago, and I finally found my excuse to do it. I made mine with a few changes, but here's how it turned out.

Let's take a closer look at those appliques, shall we?

Do you want to know how I cut them? With my Silhouette! Yup, the Silhouette cuts fabric!!!!

I put wonder under (a fusible interfacing) on the back of my fabric. Then on my Silhouette, I used the green cutting mat along with the pink cap and set the cutting speed to 2 and thickness to 33. It cut through the fabric like a charm, but only perforated the wonder under. No biggie. I just took my Exacto knife and gently slid it along the places the paper hadn't cut all the way through. It only took a few minutes and was still WAY faster than cutting out everything by hand. Woohoo!!!!

I stitched my appliques with my machine. The best way I've found to do this is set your machine to a short stitch length then go slow and pivot frequently (lift the pressure foot as needed).

Font is Aharoni. I used my wide binding blanket tutorial, and backed the blanket with minky - my favorite for soft, cozy baby blankets.

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  1. That is neat.
    So you just ironed the letters down? Did you stitch around them?
    That machine can do about everything.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Tamarynn, That blanket is fantastic!!!

  3. This is such an adorable blankie! Great job! Love the appliques and love that the silhouette cut them out even better!!

  4. I love that the silhouette cut the letters for you. I have been wodnering if I could use my Sil to cut fabric but was too scared to try! I will definitley be trying it out now. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any tips for sewing the appliques on? That is where I seem to mess up. I just can't sew straight enough!

  5. I've been wanting to play with the Silhouette to see how it works cutting fabric. Good to hear your insights. Thanks!


  6. I love this!! I have had this one saved in my "to make" list for awhile... just waiting on someone to have a baby!!

  7. Oh my gosh. Now I have another reason why I NEED a silhouette. I'm crossing my fingers. I love the blankie!

  8. Which blade did you use when cutting it? I have been thinking a lot about trying it out, but didn't want to mess it up! Thanks for being brave.. We have christmas and my daughter's 1st birthday 2 days apart...and obviously one million outfit ideas.. now it is going to be EASYYYY!!

  9. I'm soo excited to hear this because I've been wondering if I can cut fabric. What's the "wonder" you put under your fabric, is it the sticky mat? Thanks and the blanket looks awesome.

  10. Hello,

    LOVE THE BLANKET (yelling from the rooftops!!!!)
    Would also love more idiot proof specific tips about how to cut fabric with the silhouette.
    What do you mean it cut the wonder under but not the fabric? Wasn't the wunderunder ironed onto the bottom of the fabric???
    Which plunder color did you use on the blade???

  11. susies1955 - I did stitch around them. I used to handstitch my appliques, but now I am comfortable using my machine to stitch them. Just go slow and pivot frequently.

    Stacy - Set your machine to a low stitch length, and whenever it gets difficult to pivot, lift your pressure foot and reposition your fabric. The wonder under keeps the appliques attached to the fabric as you sew them, so you don't have to worry about pins.

    Bumble Baybees - I used the pink cap and set my cutting speed to 3 and thickness to 33.

    szubia - Wonder Under is a fusible interfacing. You iron it to the back of your fabric, then remove a film on it to iron it to the blanket, which holds it in place.

    angel - It cut the fabric, but not completely the wonder under. The wonder under was ironed onto the back of the fabric. The thickest setting on the Silhouette is 33, which is what I used. It mostly cut through the wonder under, but not entirely. I used a pretty thick cotton. When I tried a different fabric, it cut through both, so it just depends on the thickness. I used the pink cap on the blade.

  12. Tam- did you try double cutting your shape? The first pass would cut through the fabric and the second through the wonder under. I do this with thick paper, but haven't tried the fabric. Glad you jumped in!

  13. I've totally done this! <3 my Silhouette - especially now that it 'talks' to my Mac!!!

  14. This is soo cute! I just had a baby a couple months ago and seriously need blankets! I love this one! I may have to try to copy you! :) I just found your blog through the list of blogs giving away silhouettes (totally hoping I win), but I am sooo glad I did! You have a great blog, I can't wait to read more!

  15. i would love one of these! i want to make cards for my card club and scrapbook

  16. could you use freezer paper instead of wonder under?
    sheenalarose (at) gmail (d0t) com

  17. Love this blankie. I am working on some appliqued super hero shirts for my shop and I do all the letters by hand, but I have a Shillouette, but have been afraid to use it. Thanks for the encouragement.


  18. Thank you for posting the Silhouette settings! I just cut out circles for my Toy Story Bo Peep costume and they worked great!


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