Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Talk Motivation

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Sorry this post is so late getting up today. I've had sick kids this week, and yesterday I was lucky enough to catch the bug. Stuffy nose, sore throat, achy - it's been fun.

I have to admit that I was pretty surprised at the reaction to my personal post about fitness, surprised that you guys seem to want to know about me. Thank you everyone for your kind words. While I have a lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head of what to talk about (and I definitely want to address each of your concerns and questions), I'm feeling like I need to start with the basics. I'm going to try to keep all these fitness posts simple and direct so you don't get overwhelmed. With that said, let's talk about motivation.

I think everyone would agree with me that unless you have a DESIRE to do something, it won't get done. Many of you have expressed this desire to change and incorporate exercise and better dieting into your lives. Once you have that desire, you have to have the motivation to make it happen. So dig down and figure out what motivates you.

For me, it's responsibility. I teach classes, therefore, I have to show up or the class doesn't happen. This is what gets me to the gym, because if I didn't have to teach that class, I wouldn't go. I can think of a million other things I "NEED" to do with my time, and it would be so much easier to just stay home, run errands, etc.

Here is another example of responsibility. I always sign up for a race before I actually start training. Once I'm signed up, I HAVE to do the workouts because I don't want to hate life during the race.

I have women who come to my classes say they make reservations in the gym's playroom, then they have to come. If they don't show up or cancel their reservation soon enough, they get charged a fee.

Other people have a workout partner, whether it's running/walking or a gym partner. They have to show up because that other person will be waiting for them.

So before we talk about specifics on ways to change, come up with your motivating factor. What is it that is going to get you to start this journey, and more importantly, stay on it? What is going to keep you going when you want to quit?

I want to leave you with one of my all-time favorite videos. I watch this frequently. It is one of the most inspiring and motivational things I've ever seen, and I dare you not to cry.

A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a
marathon with me?'

The father who, despite having a heart condition, says

They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and
son went on to join other marathons, the father always
saying 'Yes' to his son's request of going
through the race together.

One day, the son asked his father, 'Dad, let's join
the Ironman together.'

To which, his father said, 'Yes.'
For those who don't know, Ironman is the toughest
triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance
events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed
by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with
a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of
the Big Island .

Father and son went on to complete the race together.? View


  1. Thank you for sharing. This is a YouTube favorite of mine:

    As a parent of a child with quad CP, I am motivated to work harder to help my son live a fuller life...and I think this story can motivate anyone regardless of their experience with disability to push themselves.

  2. Wow, that made me bawl my eyes out! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video. What an amazing dad?! Definitely motivating and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for your take on responsibility! My motivation is my daughter. I look at my mother, who I love very much, and think that I would have a better view of myself if she had been a better role model with her eating/exercise and such. I want to be that model for my daughter. It's what keeps me going.

  4. Gosh thanks for the warning but it totally sucked. It should have said "Warning....You will seriously sob your eyes our and your 2 year old will come in and say "was wong mama?" and then you will cray harder." Just sayin.

  5. I'm with Mandi, I was ready for a tear or two, but not sobs. What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing, Tam.

  6. I've seen video about these two before, but this video combined with the music made be
    BAWL. Thanks for the motivation. It's amazing how at the end of the race the son is totally thrilled and ecstatic, but the dad (who worked very hard) seems to find more joy in his son's reaction than the people trying to congratulate him. Awesome.

  7. I just came across this post. Although I've seen this many times, I cry every time! This time though I sat my 4 boys down and made them watch it with me. I told them, "Whenever you tell me you can't do something, or I say I can't do something, lets remember this." So amazing.


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