Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Look and Some Other Changes

You have probably noticed that my blog got a serious makeover?

I LOVE it!

Kim from 733 Custom Blog Design did it and I couldn't be happier.

She is AMAZING!!! Seriously, incredible. I filled out this form to give her an idea of what I was after, and in less than 24 HOURS she had transformed my blog into the bright, fun, happy look you see before you. AWESOME!!

Soooo easy to work with (although she might not say the same for me). She was so patient with me and my indecisiveness (it's a problem, just ask the hubs). I swear she must possess mind-reading skills because she nailed exactly what I was hoping for. If you are looking for someone to design your blog, look no further than Kim. She will make it happen for you! Thank you so much Kim!!!

A couple of changes with the new look:

- I've now switched over to a .com. I also added "crafts" to my title since I'm doing both sewing and crafty projects now.

My new site is

You shouldn't have to do anything in your Google Reader subscription, unless you really feel the need to. Blogger should re-route you to my new site if you still go to the old url, but that might take a day or two to fully take effect.

- I've got some new buttons. Will you please grab them? See that super cute picture of the button under "Stay Connected"? Click on it. Swap out the old ones and trade them for these much cuter ones.

- Last I've now added advertising. If you would like to sponsor my blog and have thousands of people see your company ad every day, click here for advertising info.


  1. Looks great! Reader directed me to your new URL no problems!

  2. it's beautiful and so nice and clean!

  3. So fun! One day I may grow my blog up and decide to give it a makeover!

  4. I love Kim too!! She is super fast and I swear, she is a mind reader!! Looks fabulous!!

  5. It looks great!! She did a beautiful job.

  6. Yeah! Kim is amazing! She is my techy person. Looks great! I'm glad you got an update!!!


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