Sunday, November 7, 2010

Round 3 Projects - Voting Time!

Our contestants have been hard at work once again this week - this time working with fabric. Get ready to be impressed with each one of these projects, then cast your vote at the end of this post by selecting your favorite 3!

Project #1 - Shabby Chic Decoupage Ladder
As soon as Tam said fabric was the theme for this round I started brainstorming different decoupage ideas. Problem was I was brain locked! Creatively stumped! It was awful to say the least. Then suddenly it hit me. That old ladder in the garage I had been saving for just the right project would be my entry for this round.

Keeping in mind that fabric was the theme, I wanted to make sure to incorporate it into several elements. The wooden letter F is painted brown and some patterned white fabric is decoupaged on top, all of the books have fabric decoupaged onto their bindings, and of course, the star of the show, the ladder rungs are all covered in a pretty fabric. My hope was to create a charming, shabby chic wall display for my living room. I'm happy with it, I hope you like it too!

Project #2 - Sewing Room Scraps Bedding
Let me start off by saying that I feel like I am on "Extreme Makeover: Crafting With The Stars Edition". Ok, moving on....

This week I was determined not to spend any money (since I went over my crafting allowance last week). So I made a full bed set including a duvet cover, pillows, and a dust ruffle with fabric scraps that I had at my house. **It was really simple, if you can sew a semi-straight line you can totally bust this out**.

I love how it turned out. Its kind of a hodge podge of awesome. My favorite part is the gray ruffled stripes, they give the bedding so much texture. The bed skirt is made out of a left over drop cloth that I stitched semi pleats in.

This is in my daughter's room, She is 2 and never sleeps in it (yes, I am one of "those moms"). Her name is Dylan and her nickname is Dillers, hence the cute Dill Pickle Pillow. I made it out of every single green button that I own. It makes me smile and that's the most important thing about design. So go and make something that makes you smile!

Project #3 - Barnyard Bag
This project is all about fun times! Upon first glance, this bag is your typical messenger-style bag.

But, upon closer inspection, you discover button-loop closures. What kind of surprise is this?

Well, what do you know!! It is a portable farm playset! Barn door pockets hold all the pieces to playtime fun, with pigs in mud pits and horses threatening to trod on a freshly plowed and planted field. Fabric, felt, and floss make the most of this barnyard.

This is an adaptable project to fit any imagination, and makes playtime anytime, and anywhere!

Project #4 - Zigzag Puff Quilt

I have had this quilt design in my head for a really long time ago. Zigzags are so big right now, and I thought "How fun would that be to combine zigzags with the puffy quilt style?!" And it is fun. So much fun that I can't stop staring at it!

I used Amy Butler's moon dots fabrics and an ivory cotton. The back is done in the lime moon dots with a few of the others mixed in. And of course the binding is a mixture of all of them.

This quilt is going to be the perfect addition to my nursery!

Project #5 - Little Girl Bedding
I dove right into some yardage this week with these fun, bright fabrics that I'm in love with. I made my daughter some bedding that fits her bright, sunshine-y personality! I made the quilt and pillows. Then, with the leftover scraps, the pennant banner.

The quilt is just simple stripes (that let me show off the fabrics) with a polka-dot border. I used a long-arm quilter and made a swirl pattern. The special touch was that I stitched on the border, "(name of my daughter), you are my sunshine!" I made each pillow different, for a mix and match look. I used pleating, applique, and hand-stitching techniques on the different pillows. I can't choose a favorite, but I love how they look all together on her daybed! I just love this fabric!!!

Project #6 - Bedroom Makeover w/His and Her Sheets

Snuggle into your new bedding set with His & Her sheets, vibrant toss pillows, a plush tufted headboard, and a friendly reminder over the bed to "Always KISS me goodnight..."

Toss pillows should be fun! Love your bed with an up-cycled sweater pillow with a trio of flowers, a cylinder pillow with set-in ruffles, and a gathered flower pillow to tie it all together.

Of course the best part is turning down the covers and snuggling in for the night! The monogrammed pillows have Anthropologie inspired set-in ruffles. His & Her sheets will keep both the Mr. & the Mrs. happy- because his side is cotton, and her side is flannel, keeping both of you the right temperature all night long!

Sweet Dreams!

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, right?!!! Their fate is now in your hands. Click on your favorite 3 below to cast your vote! Polls are open until Monday, November 8th @ 10 pm MST, and the final three will be announced Tuesday, November 9th @ 12:01 am MST. Good luck ladies!!!


  1. Umm apparently most of us read fabric as bedding. Nice job everyone!

    love your guts

  2. wow! love love love the scraps bedding idea!

  3. OMG you guys, what an awesome collection!

  4. That was seriously hard. I think this goes beyond "crafting" actually. To sew like this takes skill. So is this more of a "skill" contest this time?? :)

  5. I LOVE this round! I know who I'm voting for!! :) Adorable entries! I'm posting all the updates over at Sassy Sites!

  6. way to go rock stars! Skills all over the place this round!

  7. wow~! i love it all~ (oops posted under my husband!

  8. Applause all around! These projects were a lot to complete in such a short time!

  9. How is one supposed to be able to pick just one. I loved ALL of these projects!

  10. These are amazing! Hard to choose 3 to vote for but I did. Would love to see a closeup of that pickle pillow ... it sounds intriguing made with buttons! :)

  11. This is my first time on this site and this DEFINATLY goes beyond "crafting" to have been able to do most of these projects there were some MASTER SEWING going on. I can do buttons! Lol I would LOVE to see an up close picture of the round pillow with all the ruffled on it! Can't remember which project it was on though! Oh well. Well done!

  12. LOVING the puffy zigzag quilt. Someone let me know if that ever is for sale. Looking at baby bedding right now and so disappointed in the "pre-fabricated" bedding sets.

    Thanks! Lindsay

  13. I can't decide. Can I just vote for all of them!?! AMAZING!

  14. I wish I could buy that barnyard bag. Love it, and all the projects!

  15. So smart having two different kinds of fabric for the His/Her sheets! I always want flannel sheets and my husband gets WAY too hot!

  16. So hard to decide - they are all fantastic !! Nice job

  17. Wow! How am I supposed to choose just one??? Great job ladies!


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