Sunday, November 14, 2010

Round 4 Projects - Vote for Your Champion!

It is time for the 4th and final round of Season 1 - Crafting with the Stars. This week our contestants and stars were given the theme of Christmas, and you will LOVE what they came up with. Be sure to read through all three, then vote for your favorite at the end of this post. You only get one vote this time, so make it count because you will be voting for your champion!

Project 1 - Full-on Fireplace
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney with.... Awwww CRAP!

We don't have a chimney, or a fireplace. In fact at our house we have to leave the front door unlocked for Santa (and ROBBERS!).

Not this year baby.

I used old cabinet doors ($20.00) and some pallet wood (Free!) and built our family a fireplace.
So now Santa doesn't have to use the front door!

Are you jealous of the book page lighted garland? Don't be! Being jealous will put you on the naughty list, I'll teach you how to make one!

Although yellow and silver aren't traditional Christmas colors it definitely looks festive!! So if you are sick and tired of explaining after Halloween where Santa is going to go, do yourself a favor and build one of these babies because it's much less of a headache than dealing with whiny kids.

And yes, I am going to keep this up all year long.....Merry Christmas to me!

Project 2 - Beautiful Tree Skirt
Twas the Month before Christmas and plans are array
You need a nice place for presents to lay

When what to your wondering eyes should you see
A beautiful skirt to adorn your tree!

Celtic designs, ruching, and flowers
Cause people to stop, amazed, and say "Wowzers!

If you fear your skirt the presents will hide,
The solution is simple. Just stack them beside :)

Project 3 - Christmas Cupcakes & Tower

One of the best parts of Christmas is all the yummy food and holiday parties that go with the food. So when the Christmas challenge rolled around, I wanted to do something with food that could be incorporated into my holiday parties. Using thrift store finds, I used some epoxy and spray paint to create a four-tier cupcake tower with a peppermint swirl. I threw in a pretty square white plate to mix things up, and I can actually take this apart to use each piece separately, stacked or staggered.

Of course I had to make cupcakes to go along!

I had a blast creating the little fondant shapes on each cupcake and I'm totally going to make this a yearly tradition now instead of the traditional decorating sugar cookies.

There you have it! INCREDIBLE right? I want one of each. Now the tough! Please, please?! These ladies have put so much into each of their projects in each round. Let them know how much you love them and choose your favorite. Polls will remain open until Monday, November 15th @ 10 pm MST. Winner and runners-up will be announced Tuesday, November 16th @ 12:01 am MST, and just wait until you see the prize package in store for these women (over $500 worth)!


  1. Yes I'm up late and it was sooooo worth it! Amazing job you three!

  2. I am up late too.

    Love it all girls! Great job!

    love your guts

  3. I am actually beaming ear to ear. This weeks entry are just am gobstopped! Oh sure, pull the one vote thing this week! not making my job easier. Cannot wait to see tutorials for these!

  4. how can you pick just one! so amazing!

  5. the fireplace is amazing and soooo creative!

  6. This was fun, until this post. How the heck to choose just one of these three wonderful and inspiring projects??? ~kaholly

  7. Wow, very well done crafters & stars!

  8. They are all so amazing! Wonderful.

  9. Well done ladies! What great projects!

  10. This is making me want to pull out my Christmas decorations.

  11. Um, wow. Pretty awesome! Good luck!

  12. Good luck to all. I voted but I am not saying which one. They are all fab.

  13. Wow!!! Amazing, ladies!!! Absolutely fabulous projects all around!

  14. I feel like I can't pick accurately without eating a cupcake for myself.. Just sayin!

  15. cup cakes!!!I love santa claus very mat!


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