Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Are you guys participating in Char's Nativity Parade over at Crap I've Made?

I decided to join in the fun and show you my nativities. In our house, we really try to emphasize that CHRIST is the reason for the season, so I have a lot of nativities. Some are nicer for decoration, but others are purely for my children.

My favorite one is this glass set. It sits on top of a mirror with blue lights and is so peaceful and beautiful.

A close second is this hand-painted porcelain set. I have two fireplaces in my house, so the stockings go on one mantle, but this nativity is on the other. One of my wisemen broke a few years ago, and I haven't been able to find someone to make me another one to match the set.

Since that isn't the greatest picture, here's a closer look at some of the pieces.

I have always loved waterglobes, so when my mom saw this nativity one a few years ago, she bought it for me. It's musical and plays "O Holy Night" and lights up as the snowflakes swirl around. I love it!

I have another crystal LED nativity. Again, sorry about the lousy pictures. It looks really pretty lit up.

For the kids we have this little velcro set. Each of the figurines are only about 1/2" tall. My kids like to move them around on top of the felt surface.

We also have a magnetic nativity that they get to play with. They decorated it this way and I'm very impressed.

Their favorite nativity to play with is the Fisher Price set. My mother-in-law has given them the new installment each year, so they have all four of them now.

They love them so much and play with them all the time. My 18-month old carries around Jesus constantly, saying "Baby Deesus". It's adorable! I had to show you pictures of the sets, because most of the time, this is what ours looks like.

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  1. Lovely nativity sets, I have just bought my first one...it comes in a little suitcase, which you open up and it is all set up and then it has little optic fibre lights as well. I love your first photo of the blue lights and the glass figurines best!

  2. Thanks for sharing your nativities with us. Although we only have one, I have a feeling Santa will be bringing the Fisher Price set this Christmas.

    So cute about "Baby Deesus!" My nephew used to carry around his "Baby Cheezit" everywhere he went when he was younger. :)

    Hoping you have a blessed Christmas!


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