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Round 1 Projects - Time to VOTE!!!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to have the competition under way. Round 1 projects were Dollar/Thrift Store, and our contestants came up with some fantastic things. You are allowed to choose three projects to vote for, so scroll through all of them, and place your vote at the bottom of this post. Voting will be open until Tuesday, January 25th @ 10 pm MST. Good luck everyone!

Project #1 - PB Knock-Off Paneled Mirror
I headed to the Dollar Tree and completely cleared them out of their little rectangle mirrors. The register ladies looked at me funny.
Next I headed over to The Home Depot, and got myself a 1/2 inch thick piece of plywood, some 1/2 inch poplar trim, and some liquid nails:

With my supply list set, I got to work.
Placing, making cuts with the saw, gluing. Cutting. Cutting cutting cutting.
Over 30 cuts with the saw later:

What am I making? I love Pottery Barn's mirror, just not the asking price.

Mine? A little under $25. Theirs? $699. Save over 600 bucks? Don't mind if I do!

Project #2 - The Book Clutch
A little vintage book... upon further review is actually a clever clutch.

This upcycled clutch is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go. Made from a vintage book and an old bag found at the thrift store melded together to create this little gem of a purse. When your activity doesn't command a large bag, just stash your cell phone, keys and cash in this little clutch.

Pair it with a ruffly blouse and some skinny jeans and you're rockin' the librarian chic look.

(Plus you're husband won't feel too awkward when you ask him to hold it!)

Smart and fashionable.

Project #3 - Refinished Gray Hutch
Thrift stores are like my second home. There is nothing more exciting than running across a great find. I wasn't sure if this piece fit the "great find" description. Pressed board furniture isn't exactly forgiving, but I decided that I was up for a challenge.

I used a can of "oops" paint for the base color that I found at Lowes for $3. I LOVE it when the paint guys mess up!! I already had the white paint on hand and used it for the stenciled background and the bird silhouette. I really like how the stencil turned out in the top of the hutch. It was time consuming, but the end result proved worth it.

The branch silhouette was just a couple of swirly brush strokes. Very easy, but slightly unnerving. The bird required just a bit more concentration. This was the part where I held my breath, so as not to make the bird disproportionate. I'm just grateful that it LOOKS like a bird.

So all in all, pressed board furniture can be agreeable. You just need patience and GOOD paint.

Project #4 - Burlap N' Blue Lamp

As I was browsing through the thrift store looking for inspiration, the shape of this lamp base caught my eye.
The color was not the best, but I knew it had potential. It didn't have a shade, so I grabbed this one for the simple reason that it was the only shade that still had the hardware to attach it to a base, and wasn't pleated.

I spray painted the base a nice blue. Did you know that spray paint doesn't work well in freezing temperatures? I had to set up shop in a corner of my yard with a space heater and a trash can wind break. Luckily nothing exploded. The lamp shade was way too long for the base {and I didn't want to spend the rest of my life covering that behemoth in ruffles!} so I took out the hardware and cut it down to a more manageable size. I reattached the hardware and realized that now the shade didn't cover the bulb, so I took out the hardware again and adjusted it so the shade would sit lower on the base. Success!
I wanted to cover the shade in burlap, and my "star partner" suggested adding the vertical ruffles, similar to an Anthropologie lampshade she had seen. Genius! No wonder she's a star!

Doesn't that look cozy?

Project #5 - Comfy Chic Anthro-Inspired Ensemble
After hearing about this round's theme, I went straight to my favorite site for inspiration: Anthropologie. With visions of the Deuxhill Cowlneck, Swept Swag Sweatshirt, and Garden Accoutrement Bag dancing in my head, I hit up the Dollar Store and Goodwill. Two tees, one large men's sweatshirt, one skirt, and a bridesmaid dress (and two sweaters that were due to go to Goodwill) later, and the perfect outfit for running errands while looking cute was born.

An XXXL long sleeve t-shirt from the Dollar Tree was used for the base of the shirt, and 8 inches were cut off the bottom of an XL t-shirt to make the cowl. A bit of ruffling and then a flower pin made from strips of the sweaters completed the cowl. I used a Men's Large sweatshirt from Goodwill to make a comfortable, asymmetrical coat (the fleece inside is oh, so soft!). After an off center cut up the middle, the sleeves were slimmed, arm holes reduced, and sides taken in to give it a feminine cut. Trimmed with the same red sweater that was used for the flower pin, and five lines of decorative stitching took it from baggy sweatshirt to chic coat. Two buttons to hold it closed completed the look.

And what look would be complete without a cute bag to throw over your shoulder? The purse is made from a skirt I found at Goodwill. It must have been adorable in its day with a ruffle around the hem. I used the main part of the skirt for the bag, trimmed it with the ruffled hem, and lined it with sage green satin from a Goodwill bridesmaid dress. The straps and flowers are made from the same sweaters as the pin.

Oh how good it will feel to walk around in an outfit whose inspiration would have cost $354. Only I will know that a few trips to Goodwill and the Dollar tree bought me the same stylish look for less than $20!

Project #6 - Jersey Girl Skirt
I used a skirt from a thrift store, and extra fabric from an old project I did.

To create this stunning jersey girl skirt.

Project #7 - Kitchen Sign From a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are always abundant at local thrift stores in my area. This one was only $5, and although I didn't need a coffee table I knew I could find a good use for it. There are tons of tutorials on making a coffee table from a sign, but how about a sign from a coffee table?

I removed the legs, took off the skirt and put a cleat cut at a 45 degree angle on the back. I put the other piece on the wall. I also put a second piece the same thickness below it, so that it would hang securely and not wiggle on the wall. Then I sanded and painted the top white, and went around the rim with black. I masked out the letters with tape and filled them in with a small brush and black paint.

To distress it a bit, I took a wet towel and wiped over the black (the heavy pigmentation makes is smear ever so slightly.) A 4 ft wide piece of art that looks great in my kitchen for only $5, and a couple of hours work. I was aiming for a retro looking porcelain sign - and I think I got it!

Project #8 - Wire Tote with Liner

What’s better than creating a masterpiece from the dollar store or thrift store? I would have to say it is creating something with items that you already have. For this challenge, I checked out the “man” area of the garage for some inspiration. I spotted it … WIRE!

I remembered being inspired by a wire tote over at Ballard Designs, and what girl doesn’t love a unique tote? The “man” area of the garage had all of the items I needed; total cost of this project: $0. I was able to wrap the wire around the piece of wood, secure with a staple gun and create handles with wire wrapped in burlap. I whipped up a burlap liner from my stash.

Project #9 - Utility Cabinet

I love doors -- all kinds of doors and Habitat's Restore is always full to the rafters with 'em. I picked up a pair of $15 bi-fold louvered doors to made a utility cabinet that is pretty to look at and hides all my necessary uglies.
I took one of the doors and flipped it upside down. Using a jigsaw, I cut the decorative top edge and the little "peek-a-boo" hole. The cabinet body was made from 1x10's and the shelves were arranged to accommodate all my cleaning supplies.
A few pieces of scrap wood trim and a plastic Goodwill doo-dad to jazz it up a bit.
A new coat of paint, a good distressing, a little glaze and there you have it! No one will ever guess your dirty little secret...

Project #10 - Laundry Folding Station
I was so excited when I found out this week's challenge. I love to thrift shop!

Here is my laundry room before. Blank, bare, cold, get the idea. I knew it was the perfect area to use for this challenge. First I headed to the local thrift store, and picked up these beauties.

What's that you say? They aren't beauties? Just you wait. Here it is now:

I loved the cabinet ($10) that I found, but knew that it needed to have two big doors instead of the narrow four, so I built new cabinet doors, painted it red and put in new hardware. Next I took off the top of the table (purchased from the thrift store for $5), and mounted it to the top of the cabinet. I had to build the top of the cabinet to be able to support the table top and still have the space between the cabinet and the top. I wrapped the top in tin because I love the industrial look of the metal.

The tin containers I bought ($4) got a nice coating of hammered tin spray paint and a little vinyl love.

The ironing board ($1) got a coat of black paint and I used the table cloth ($4) I found at the thrift store to re-cover it. I love the citrus-y colored stripes.

I used a little paint and vinyl on one of the old cabinet doors to make my sign, and I used some old hooks I had to make the clothes hanger on another one of the cabinet doors.

Add in a couple of accessories and VOILA!!! You get an awesome laundry folding station for not too much money. I love the final result. I put all sorts of time, sweat, tears (oh and part of my finger) into this project. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Project #11 - Personal Art Gallery
When I heard that I made the cut, I was going to be on Crafting with the Stars, I immediately started searching my stash. Mentally going through all of my treasures trying to decide what would make the cut. I then remembered an idea I had for my own personal art gallery. That’s it!

I started with one large frame from a broken mirror that I painted a flat black. Next I grabbed a bunch of smaller frames that I have gathered throughout all my treasure hunts. I painted them all Heirloom White and did some glazing with Ralph Lauren glaze in black. Except one frame that got a coat of shiny silver metallic paint, and of course some more glaze! I added a quote to that frame using my cutting machine. I love the quote; I think it’s so important in life to enjoy the journey! That’s it right? Nope!

This project has a secret - a hidden element. Notice that backing in the large frame? Its sheet metal and all of those frames have magnets glued to the back with ole trusty: Gorilla Glue (have you tried the epoxy? It’s darn amazing! Moving on!). This way you can easily remove the frames to replace the pictures inside and you can also rearrange the configuration of all the frames. Find a new frame you love? Want to change a frame from landscape to vertical? No problem, they are all movable and interchangeable!

Project #12 - Bedroom Makeover
Coming up with a project for round one really took just a trip up my stairs to be inspired. As soon as I walked into my master bedroom, I knew EXACTLY what to do. You see after being married for quite some time now, I have never done anything with my room. I tend to worry about all the others and always say “someday” with mine because there is not enough money or time to do it! Well NOT ANYMORE! After deciding I wanted to do a total bed makeover, I dove right in to the clothing and textiles they had at the thrift store. And I would have to say I totally scored!

Do you want to know the best part...and one of the greatest things about thrifting? It all cost under $70!

I was completely inspired by a duvet cover I saw at Urban Outfitters that rang in at $198. Not in my budget, but a $28 sheet set and $6 worth of sheets, tablecloths, and bed skirts from the thrift store and voila, I had a fun and fashionable duvet cover. I used my left over ruffles and hand stitched them to my previous bed skirt. I bought $8 worth of clothes and turned them into fun pillows for my bed and then with 4 shutters that cost just $5, I made a beautiful new headboard. After strolling through the dollar store and finding a braided wooden wreath and fake birds, I took a book from the thrift store and wrapped it and made some sweet hand cut flowers for the wreath. I spray painted the bird and it completed the look!

What a fun project that completed my room exactly how I wanted it and came in under $70!

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