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Round 2 Projects and Polls Are Now Open!

Another week has gone by and our contestants have been hard at work. This time working with DECOUPAGE. I hope you are all ready to see what they've come up with.

Once again, the poll is at the bottom, so please read through all 9 projects. Then you will be allowed to vote for your favorite THREE. (You'll have to click over from Google Reader to vote, but please do so you can let our contestants know how much you appreciate their hard work and amazing talents).

Polls are now officially open and you have until Tuesday, February 1 @ 10 pm MST to cast your vote. Results will be announced Wednesday, February 2 @ 12:01 am MST.

Project #1- B+W Photograph Dresser with Fabric-Lined Drawers photo album threw up on my dresser.

(Actually, there never was a photo album- that’s the problem!) I can never seem to get my thousands of photos into photo albums. They just sit on my computer. So I decided to print them out with another purpose in mind. For this project I took an out-of-date dresser and updated it with a little photo revamp. First I edited all the photographs to black and white with a high contrast. Then I mod podged the photographs all over the dresser and replaced the hardware with black handles.

Take a peek inside: the drawers are mod podged too! But with fabric!

(Faces smudged so you can't tell who it is!)
Now it’s safe to say that this dresser is fit for 2011. And it will be a fun keepsake for the family to look at. Not to mention the great daily reminders of good times as we go to get our unmentionables. A happy way to start the day. (You could totally use this as a photo storage dresser, too!)

And a BONUS: our undies are nice and cozy in their new fabric-lined drawers! I smile every time I open them!

Project #2 - Little Guy's "Journey" Dresser
Ah decoupage, how I love a good decoupage project! I decided to tackle my son’s dresser and run with the automobile theme that we have for his room. It was a good dresser but pretty non-descript. There was some chipped paint and unexciting knobs, it needed a makeover! I wanted to try something different though. My STAR told me about using a mixture of Elmer’s white glue and water (a 3 to 1 ratio) instead of the mainstream decoupage glue. It worked beautifully! The best part, I bought the glue for .10 cents during Back to School. So for pennies on the dollar I had my own decoupage glue!

I took some old maps that I bought at an antique store and cut them to fit the drawers and top of the dresser. After the dresser had been sanded and re-painted I used my homemade decoupage glue to add the maps. Once that was dry I went back over the maps with more of the glue to seal and protect them. Now that I had this beautiful dresser we didn’t want plain ‘ole knobs to go on it. So I made a trip to Restore and Home Depot for some nuts and bolts. I mixed and matched all the hardware and ended up with some really cool knobs! I painted the side of the dresser with chalkboard paint so my little guy can scribble and plan out his journeys!

I finished off the space with a few other car-related items. Some of our old license plates got hung on the wall above the dresser, after I cleaned off the bug guts of course! I took a shop light, usually used for working on your car, and hung it in the corner as a pendant light. Lastly, I made a trip to the junk yard for some old hub caps. I painted them the colors of a stop light and hung them on the wall next to the dresser. The whole space turned out so well and it can really grow with my little guy for years to come!

Project #3 - Damask Drawer Set
Decoupage scares me just a bit. I was quite nervous taking on this project, but I think that I have found a new area in crafting that I can enjoy.

This drawer set started out as something completely different. A diamond in the rough.
With the help of my sweet hubby, we added trim around each of the drawer faces and wooden applique just above the the drawers. The black and white damask print was just some scrapbook paper picked up from Hobby Lobby, along with the crystal knob.

The paint is Krylon Ocean Breeze, and I "dirtied" the finish up a bit with Valspar's Antique Glaze. I had so much fun creating this piece! I can't wait to take on my next decoupage project!!

Project #4 - Decoupaged Bench
When I inherited this bench, it needed some work. It was sitting in my entryway and said to visitors "Blah" instead of "Welcome!" The decoupage category was the perfect inspiration for this bench's transformation.

I painted the bench black, then decoupaged some scrapbook paper onto the front. I glued some black frames around the paper to add definition. It was a little boring up top, so I decoupaged some fabric onto the rungs on the back of the bench as well. I also made a welcome sign to set on the bench. I printed off "welcome" in a whole bunch of languages {which I don't speak-thanks google translator!} and decoupaged those onto a board I had sanded and painted. I was thinking about using something to antique-ify the board, but I liked the newspaper clipping look, so I left it as it was. Then I sewed a couple of reversible pillows to toss on the bench. The wall looked like it wanted to join in on the fun, so I made it a couple of signs. I printed "home" and "family" onto some more scrapbook paper, cut the paper down to size, and decoupaged them onto a couple of boards I painted black.
Here is a picture of my entry way now. Much more bright and cheerful.

Project #5 - Bow Front Bird Chest
I've owned this bow front chest for several years. I fell hard and fast for the size and shape but I was never ever in love with the wood.

Painting it was an easy choice. But what next? Aside from the bow front, this chest couldn't have been more blah. Then I found inspiration in hand painted furniture by Patina. Perfect.

The body of the chest was painted Cloudy Morning by Kilz and the branches were painted with acrylic craft paint.

I found the vintage bird graphics at The Graphics Fairy, printed them on card stock and used Mod Podge to decoupage them onto the front of the chest.

I love this look.

Project #6 - The Apothecary Cabinet
I started with this.

A regular, old in-the-wall medicine cabinet. You've got one too, right?

I knew this could be more: functional and beautiful. So I got started. First off, paint. Lots and lots of white paint. Removed the mirrors, and added some vintage medicine labels with decoupage.

Along with medicine bottles with vintage-looking (made by me) labels. This cabinet is starting to look better all the time.

I trimmed it out with molding for a classic look, and added new shutter-like mirrors. When the shutters are open, they display my great, great grandmother's cold recipe. And let us all be glad we don't live back then, because whew. A spoonful of turpentine and castor oil, anyone?

And, voila. All complete.

Well, dang. Now I kinda wish all my bathrooms had a medicine cabinet.

Project #7 - The World Traveler
I can only imagine the stories this wardrobe steamer trunk could tell. Unfortunately for it, in 1980 some sweet lady named Beatrice decided to paint it an ugly green with orange flowers. It joined my family many years later with the thought of beautification. Yet ugly green it sat until I decided to turn it into a coffee table just out of college. Once again, this trunk's story was sad and I never finished the paint job. It sat, half improved, half ugly for 6 years. That is, until this decoupage challenge came along.

I painted the metal straps a dark, black-tinted brown. Then, using Mod Podge, I applied an antique looking map to the top and bottom, bordered by some aged looking paper. The same paper was applied to the sides. Brown-tinted Mod Podge painted with varying brush strokes gave it a canvas affect. The final step was using glaze to give it all an old and weathered look.

I lined the open side of the inside by applying burlap with Mod Podge and trimmed the edges and corners with dark blue grosgrain ribbon. The drawers were distressed using the same glaze as the outside of the trunk. More ribbon and a scroll pattern cut out of paper were applied to the drawers using Mod Podge as well--reflecting the only element of the trunk's original beauty--a blue velvet trimmed with a blue floral print left untouched in the top of the trunk.

Now this trunk's story can turn to happily ever after as it takes its place as a coffee table or decorative accessory in a happy home.

Project #8 - Dream Dollhouse
Decoupage is not something I'm experienced in, so I was a little terrified worried when I read that this week’s theme was exactly that.

I recently found a dollhouse while thrifting which was in terrible condition, but the bones of it were too great to pass up!
With a LOT of scissor-snipping and sticky fingers, I decoupaged and decorated the 5 rooms and the roof of the house. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Here is a sampling of a few of the rooms and the roofing details:

Project #9 - Decoupaged Kitchen Back Splash
This week's challenge was a tough one. Coming up with a decoupage project that hasn't been done a million times over on every craft blog seemed daunting. I had a lot of fun with this project though, and am pleased with the results.
Using scrapbook paper, art tape, and Mod Podge, I was able to create a functional and affordable back splash.

For those of you that are wondering about durability, a couple of coats of sealant will solve any moisture problems.

I love the color and warmth this adds to my kitchen and I may just be cooking a little more often.

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  1. Ohhhh! I voted for my three favorites, but it wasn't easy! What a bunch of fabulous ideas!!

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  5. I love that trunk, and that had to be pretty hard to do! The little dollhouse is so cute, so I now will be searching furiously for one, while out thrifting.

  6. Lovely projects all around! I've been wanting to cover the {quite hideous} green tiles of my fireplace surround with black and white family photos -- but hubby had a point in wondering if Modge Podge is fire resistant!

  7. No you didn't. Tht dollhouse was incredible. I can't believe that you cut individual paper pieces to make it look like wall paper. Too cute.

  8. Just three? There are at least 5 projects I'd love to try. These ladies are incredible.

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  11. Super projects! TOTALLY Amazing! I am glad that we get to vote for more than one... but still want to vote for them all! :)

  12. It was very hard to vote in this round! I love what each participant did with their projects. Awesome job everyone!!

  13. Love the back splash!! Where can we find a tutorial?? Would love to do that in my house!!!


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