Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Star Highlight: Heather of Dollar Store Crafts

In my attempt to post these star highlights alphabetically, I seem to have messed up. "H" comes before "J". I was probably writing down my post schedule in my calendar when my kids were screaming at me, so can I pull the "mom card" here? Sorry Heather.

Today let's take a look at the fabulous Heather of Dollar Store Crafts.

Super fun personality, and from what I can tell through email correspondence - WAY organized. I've had fun getting to know Heather better through this competition, and I'm sure all of you already love her.

Who doesn't love to save money while still making super cute stuff? Heather has this process down pat and is constantly posting tutorials that you can make on any budget, as well as featuring other great "dollar store crafts" around blogland. Just look at this beautiful Pink Ruffly Umbrella. My girls would love to have one of these!

How clever was she to turn this Placemat into a Mail Sorter? I told you ORGANIZED!

Who could forget these Food Face Plates? A definite favorite with the kiddos!
Isn't this Paper Doll Halloween Costume creative?

Simple and classy, these Stenciled Decorator Tins are lovely.

This Alien Abduction Lamp is great! I can't help but smile whenever I see it.

I'm loving this PB Inspired Bulletin Board! And did you notice the tins and mail sorter?

There are loads and loads of inexpensive crafts for you to browse through. So make sure you don't miss out and go read more from Heather of Dollar Store Crafts!


  1. Aww, thanks for the nice post. I am sort of organized, but honestly, my life is a lot more chaotic than I wish it was! I had 3 kids in 3-1/2 years, so I'm reaping the preschool whirlwind right now! :)


  2. She is so talented! I have perused her site before. I love it!


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