Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gray & Yellow Decorative Plate

I finally got a DIY Club project done. I'm over there today sharing the tutorial for this decorative plate.

Humor for a bit, and allow me to tell you a little story about this plate. I've been asked to be a DIY Club resident blogger. Pretty much that means, that the fabulous sponsors over there send me products each month and I get to create something with those products. For the month of January, I received Gorilla Glue, DecoArt's Gloss Enamels paint, and DISChangers. Finally I came up with the idea to make a decorative plate. I'm currently redecorating our guest bedroom and am doing a gray and yellow color scheme. So I scrounged through my cupboards and found this cute little Christmas plate.

First I painted it with DecoArt's Slate Grey Gloss Enamels paint.

The paint has to cure 1) sitting for 21 days OR 2) sitting for 48 hours and then baking @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I chose option 2. After I had baked it, I rolled some fabric rosettes and stuck those on with Gorilla Glue's super glue.

I printed off a picture of my mom and dad from over 35 years ago, and thought it would be fun to put that in the center. So I got to this point.

It looked ok, but it didn't look finished to me. I was thinking of putting some vinyl words on the rim, but I still thought it would look plain. Then I suddenly got the idea to do some sort of stencil with yellow paint. I found the perfect shape from Silhouette (round_spanish_lace_C00182_20387) and cut out the stencil. The only problem was I had my colors backwards for the stencil, so I would need to start over. Those flowers weren't going anywhere since that super glue is strong stuff, so I painted around them with the yellow paint.

Followed the same curing procedure of waiting 48 hours, then baking. Next I put my stencil on the plate and painted the gray and let it cure again. The big problem with this was the stencil wouldn't lay flat because of the flowers and also the plate was too bowled, so the stencil bunched up. Here's where I got.

Ultimate failure. I hated it! It looked like crap. So I had to start over once again. I didn't have another plate, so I went to my local thrift store and found a flat white plate for $0.50. I used my same stencil, painted the gray, stuck everything on with super glue and got to this point.

Still missing something, right? I tried the picture again, but that didn't look right. So I printed off a vinyl bird.

Nope that wasn't it either. Black didn't look good and I couldn't find light yellow vinyl anywhere without ordering online and waiting for it to get here. It had been long enough, so I just wanted to get this done and not wait anymore. I wanted more yellow and the flowers needed some embellishment. End result?
A yellow flower with distressed edges and some tulle, pearls, and a rhinestone button.

I slapped a DISChanger on the back,
and after a very long process, I ended up with this decorative plate to hang up in our guest bedroom (stay tuned for that makeover).
To see the full tutorial of the finished plate, be sure to pop over to The DIY Club.


  1. Loved watching the process!! Very cool!

  2. I think it was worth the wait, Tam! Its absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the color scheme, the pattern, the flowers... ALL of it! Fabulous job!

  3. Thank you for sharing the process! It is actually pretty inspiring to watch you try over and again knowing that I too do the same!

  4. Wow! I love grey and yellow. Very pretty! I would love for you to link this up to my Sew Crafty Party & while your there check out the Spring Fling event kicking off tomorrow...14 Day ~ 28 Fabulous Giveaways.

  5. I'm exhausted reading this process! You did an amazing job and I love it!


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