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Round 3 Projects - Time to Cast Your Vote!

You guys are in for a tough decision. Round 3 was BABY and these guys did not disappoint. I am incredibly inspired!!!

You are allowed to vote for your favorite three, so please view all the projects and cast your vote at the bottom. You have until Tuesday, February 8th @ 10 pm MST to vote. Results will be announced Wednesday, February 9th @ 12:01 am MST.

Project #1 - Birth Announcement Memory Box
While brainstorming for this week's "baby" project, I decided to make something that I, personally, would want for a nursery.

Most of us mommies either work hard on a birth announcement, or we pay someone to make one, and then after they're sent out, they get tucked away somewhere. Why not make them a piece of wall art for a nursery?

Using scraps of plywood, some beadboard, and some 1x4, I made a box with a pretty frame for all of this baby cuteness.

While I'm at it, how about a place to display baby keepsakes? Their sweet little footprints? Hospital bracelets? Booties?

Now, I think this needs a spot for a going home outfit, or a blessing or christening gown, since those tend to get worn once, and then never seen again.

And here we are.

Aw. Almost makes ya want to have another baby. Almost...

Project #2 - The Ruffle Party
Meet my newest friend, little Liv, who will be celebrating her first birthday soon and needed the perfect party dress.

Crawling can be difficult in dresses, so the skirt is wrap style and somewhat open in front to allow room for those busy knees to move. A ruffle rosette adds a pop of fun. The bodice and skirt base are made of a seersucker, and the ruffles are of alternating cotton and stretch taffeta. Everything is trimmed in brown bias tape with brown piping between the skirt and bodice. This would make a great sundress, but since the weather isn't quite the warmest right now, I also made a long sleeve onesie and leggings in a small ribbed knit. Ribbon rosettes at the collar of the onesie add just the touch of femininity.

And every girl needs her accessories. The little shoes were made from stretch taffeta and embellished with ribbon rosettes to match the onesie. Sparkle-pink buttons top the flower off beautifully. A rosette headband trimmed in a ruffle to match the straps on the dress is the icing on the cake.

This dress was just too much fun to design and make. Perfect for a BABY who is ready to become a little girl.

Project #3 - Fairy Nursery Wall Clock
fair·y [fĂ©rree]
1. small imaginary creature: an imaginary supernatural being, usually resembling a small person, with magic powers.
In folklore, fairies may be kindly or playfully naughty.


Fairy dust abounds in the nursery where this clock resides...

Made from scrap lumber, bead board, a dollar store picture frame and a vintage thrift store clock this nursery wall clock is 36" tall.

The door to the small cabinet "body" was made out of the picture frame and opens to accommodate baby's keepsakes. The arms, legs and head were cut from a scrap of 1x10 and attached to the body with eye bolts so they dangle. The cabinet back and whimsical wings were cut from a single piece of bead board left over from another project.

It's decorated in a quirky, vintage-y style with brightly colored scrapbook paper and paint, old book pages and a sweet reminder to "... "always kiss me goodnight".

Project #4 - A Room to Grow In
I know that you all have heard of the "snow ball effect." That is exactly what happened with this challenge. I decided for this round that I wanted to do a toddler daybed, but use it as a sofa for my daughter's room, since she is already in her "big girl bed".

Hobby Lobby is definitely my go-to for fabric these days. While I was perusing the clearance section, I came across the fabric that I have been drooling over for the past year for $4 a yard. I bought every last stitch of it, and decided that I was going to completely re-do her room.

The name of the fabric is called "To the Zoo" and I only had enough to make the bed spread. The stripes on the walls are colors pulled from the fabric. I picked a coordinating polka dot print for the cover on the crib mattress.

The side table with the skirt was really fun to make, and I love how girly it is. The bird cage was a $2 find at our local thrift store, and the lamps, which I love, are from Hobby Lobby.

I typically like to decorate for keeps. I am not usually one to go with the most trendy because some trends tend to fade quickly. I really think that this is a room that can grow with a child from infancy until the early school age years.

And by the way, can I just take a moment to brag on my husband a bit? He built the daybed in less than 24 hours. He totally rocks! I wouldn't have been able to pull this room together if it hadn't been for his help.

Project #5 - Comfy Nursing Couch and Toddler Bed
When I was thinking about what I should do for my project this round, I thought about the things that I wish I would have had right after having a baby. I realized that a nice comfortable place to nurse in the baby's room would have been so nice to have as well as a place to curl up with my baby in the middle of the night when I was just so tired that I couldn't drag myself back to my room. But, I also thought that if I were to make something like that, it should have more than one purpose because newborn babies and nursing only last so long.
These thoughts led me to this awesome idea. I would make a comfortable lounge that I could nurse in, but I would make it big enough to become a toddler bed.
I used this old queen-sized headboard and foot board (cut in half), an old nightstand, a lamp shade and a fun curtain, to create a comfortable and practical space perfect to fit my needs.

Here it is all put together.

It took me FOREVER to get the bed just right and make it so that it was sturdy enough to hold a couple of people. You can probably imagine then, how frustrating it was to try to put it into my daughter's room only to find out that it was too big and had to be un-assembled and then re-assembled! I will spare you the thoughts I had racing through my head.

The lamp shade used to be covered in a blue and white fabric. Taking the fabric off revealed a yellow gingham. Perfect! I simply added some pink and green rosettes to the bottom to girl-i-fy it a little and it turned out so cute. The curtain I bought was made into a duvet cover. I used some thick foam to create a mattress because the bed was too big for a crib mattress, but too small for a twin. I think it made it super comfortable and inviting. I painted the nightstand to be a little more fun and funky and the stool next to the bed got a coat of paint and some sanding. I made a couple of fun pillows, and there you have it! A perfect way to fulfill all of my current and future needs.

Project #6 - Baby Love Keepsake Album
I have been wanting to do this project for a LONG time, and this competition gave me the perfect excuse to do it.

The things in my life that have always been most sentimental have been the sweet words written to me by the ones that I love. When I left home for college, the thing most precious to me was a little tin of letters and cards that I saved from my parents, my siblings, and my close friends. Reading the words they wrote to me was always a comfort and made me remember my love for them.

This week I tried to think outside the box. I made something that will create a link forever between a child and his parents..something they can look back at for years and remember the love of their parents.

With that said, I want to introduce you to my project...Baby Love. It is a baby book compiled of over 60 pages, each designed by me, with prompts and room to write down and record special moments from the time a mother finds out she is pregnant, through the baby's first few years of life. This is no baby book filled with stuffed animals and cheesy illustrations, but a fresh and modern design for the hip mommy. There is room for photos and extra pages to record milestones, memories, and their first words. I wish I could show every detail, but I hope you can appreciate from these few pictures the contemporary design, fashionable color theme, and stylish layout that I painstakingly designed.

(click for more detail)

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  1. That was pretty tough! They are all amazing projects... Wow. The first is my fav though :)

  2. I voted! Oh my gosh, so many cute things!

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  6. SO, where can we get the baby love book?! I LOVE it!

  7. i thought there was a lot of great ideas this week! i really like the detail on the baby love book though. the colors and designs were so fun! i liked the family tree page the best.

  8. Wow, these are amazing! The room transformations must have taken forever!!
    Love them though! And the clock...I want to make one right now!

  9. Great projects! Have to claim the clock as my favorite. Whoever did that one should sell those babies!

  10. I am in LOVE with Baby Love. I am really hoping it will be available for purchase/download!!

  11. The birth announcement memory box is SOOOO cute!

  12. hard choices this week, but I'm lovin' the baby book.

  13. It was such a tough decision this week. I really like the first one with having the momentos all in one place. The ruffle dress was cute and I really love the style of the Baby Love book. I want one for each of my kids!

  14. What amazing entries!! OK #4 and #1 - where did you get that gorgeous pink bolster and that beautiful pink quilt?!

  15. Do you sale or share the baby book digital pages??

  16. My email is (sorry, forgot to leave it for the answer to the baby book question). Thanks!


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