Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shabby Apple Review

Have you all heard of Shabby Apple?

I have admired their dresses FOREVER, so I was so excited when they asked if I wanted to review one for them. Then I remembered that in my current condition, I probably couldn't fit into one for quite some time. Not to worry, because Shabby Apple has a maternity line!!
YUP, that's right!
You can get stunning clothing even if you are expecting. Now I was really ecstatic!

They sent me the Black Rose and I couldn't wait to wear it! (Ignore the stoned look in my eyes, my 4-year old was taking the picture and this is the best one I could get).

Now for me, pregnancy is not a self-esteem booster. In fact I pretty much feel "blah"-looking the whole time. But when I wore this dress, I didn't feel that way.
It didn't feel like I was wearing maternity clothes.
The dress was flattering without being so form-fitting.
It offered extreme comfort without having the appearance of a tent.
The material is soft and easy to move in, and there is definitely room in the dress for me to grow, so I know I will be able to wear this my entire pregnancy.

I received so many compliments when I wore this dress. I felt dressed up and stylish. I especially love the detail on the top.

Just so you can see a better picture of this dress, here is the catalog photo.

And guess what?! It also comes in this beautiful blue.

Thanks Shabby Apple for making me feel glamorous even though I was wearing maternity clothes. I love this dress! Heck, I love all their dresses. I will definitely be shopping there again. Go check them out for yourself here and find your dream outfit!


  1. What a cute dress & it looks great on you!

  2. That is a beautiful dress and it does look great on you!!

  3. I love Shabby Apple as well, but I think over all their prices are too high for the fabric they use and the patterns as well.

  4. You look adorable! I love Shabby Apple dresses :)

  5. Are you sure that you are pregnant in that picture? You look tiny!!! And Beautiful! Watch out world, you've found your next pregnant model!!!!

  6. I love Shabby Apple and have always wanted to try their clothes. Now that I see their maternity line is so cute, I'll definitely share with friends who need adorable outfits. :-)

  7. You know I live across the street AND own a camera, right?


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