Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Highlight: Michelle of Someday Crafts

Do you ever have SO many items in your Google Reader that you simply don't have time to read them all? Sometimes that happens to me. Whenever that does occur, I'll admit that I don't read everything. However, I do have a handful of blogs that I don't skip. Michelle of Someday Crafts is one of those blogs that I diligently follow.

Someday Crafts is another one-stop place to find the latest and greatest tutorials in blogland. Michelle is busy like many of us and has compiled all these crafts that she would like to do "someday". I LOVE IT! She's another one that has a great eye for what people like. This is another blog that has allowed me to discover new blogs to read and TONS of projects to make.

**Plus, she will always have a special place in my heart because she was the first blog to ever feature me. True, it was back before I started my craft blog and everything was on my family blog, but still. I was shocked and SOOO excited!**

There's so much going on over at Someday Crafts. Besides all the projects she features, she has guest bloggers and giveaways from time to time. Every Wednesday she hosts "Whatever Goes Wednesday" where you get to link up your craftiness and could potentially get featured.

Have you ever wondered about all the great giveaways going on in blogland? Michelle also hosts a "Giveaway Directory" where people can link up giveaways that are currently happening. This is great place to advertise your giveaway or to find out what giveaways are out there.

I hope you won't wait until "someday" to go visit this awesome blog! Head over there now to see all the great things being featured!


  1. Thanks! You are so kind! Was it the diaper stacker? I'm trying to remember. It was a LONG time ago! I really need a new picture on my blog!

  2. I adore Michelle! Not only is her blog awesome, but she is a sweetheart in real life. So fun to see her featured here. :)


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