Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: Uses for Silhouette Premium Vinyl by Wannabe Crafty

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If I haven't convinced you how amazing a Silhouette is yet, here's Nicole of Wannabe Crafty to share with us some ways she has used the premium vinyl and her Silhouette.

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Hey ladies, Nicole here again visiting from Wannabe Crafty. I was so excited when I got my hands on some of Silhouette's Premium Vinyl! Especially the Frosted Glass— it’s the perfect way to vinylize everything, but with a bit more subtlety. There are a million applications for it...

How ‘bout on a picture frame?

We all know that labeling is a key ingredient for an organized home, so…

The frosted glass vinyl is perfect for this because it accomplishes the goal of labeling without making your fridge look like you tried to scrapbook in it. ;-)

A *TIP*when working with the frosted glass vinyl… Because it is semi-transparent, it can be difficult to see your image through the transfer tape once it’s peeled up ready to apply. See?

After your transfer tape is on, but before you peel your shape up off the backing, make pencil marks on the outermost edges and use a ruler to mark the bottom of your shape like I did in the picture below. Now when you go to apply it, you can stick it in the right place.

Silhouette’s premium vinyl also comes in lots of colors and is the perfect choice when you need a stronger adhesive. Like outdoors:

Or when you go on a vacation and pack little travel tubes of your toiletries, but they all look the same once they’re filled:

Once of these is lotion, and one is body wash… but which is which?

Ah, now I can tell the difference! I tested these labels for durability, and after a looooong vacation with twelve labeled travel tubes (between all of us, I didn't single-handedly fill 12 tubes!), only three or four of the letters came off. But I was pleased with that because, let’s be realistic— vinyl isn’t meant to be waterproof. I think it held up great for being in the shower every day for two weeks! And it was totally worth the few inches of vinyl to never accidentally squeeze out conditioner when I wanted shampoo!

So go get yourself some Silhouette Premium Vinyl and enjoy all the new things you can do with it’s premium goodness!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks Nicole! Be sure to go check out Nicole's new blog, Wannabe Crafty, for more great ideas.

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  1. that stuff looks very useful, i will look for this here in Australia, thanks! I found you via Nicole so, thanks to her too!


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