Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PhotoShop Tutorial: How to Create Shapes and Templates

Last week I had such a great response to merging photos into shapes/templates, and many of you wanted the tutorial for creating your own shapes and templates. So today we are going to do just that. For example, how to make the circle shape that allows you to do this.

For the tutorial on shaping your photo as seen above, click here.

Step 1: Open a new new project in PhotoShop (ctrl+N or go to File, New). If you know the desired size of your final image, you can put in those measurements. I'm going to make mine an 8x6 size, since that's what my photos usually are anyway.

Step 2: Over in your main palette, find the button that looks like a rectangle. If you right click on it, a sub-menu will pull up of the different shapes you can draw. Go ahead and select the custom shape tool (the bottom one in my sub menu).

Step 3: Up in your top menu bar now, you will see the word shape: with an arrow next to it. Click on the arrow and a plethora of shapes will pull up. Find the butterfly and click on it.

Step 4: Go ahead to your new file that you opened and drag your mouse to draw that shape.

Step 5: In your layers palette, right-click on the shape and select rasterize layer. Now you can select the shape with your main pointer (move tool) and adjust the size and move it around.

That's it! Now you can plug in a photo or digital scrapbook paper and merge it.

If you missed that tutorial, you can find it here.

Select whatever shape you want from here on out.

I used the arrow shape to draw all the red arrows on these tutorial photos. Also, I use the rectangle shape a lot when I need to crop my pictures and am limited to space, or I know I want them all a uniform size, like in this picture.

I also used the rectangle tool to draw all those black lines separating the pictures.

Play around with it and you'll get the hang of it, I promise.

Many of you have requested more PhotoShop tutorials. One of my cute readers, Tamara, sent me this picture of her niece and asked if I could do something about the shadows on her adorable face.

With a little work in PhotoShop, I was able to edit that picture to this:

Much better, right?
So do you guys want a tutorial on something like this? I am completely open to whatever suggestions you have. Is there something you have always wanted to learn how to do in PhotoShop? Ask away!


  1. I've never used photoshop, but I use to edit my photos. I get great results and it's (much) more user friendly. If you haven't tried it, you have to :)

  2. Yes PLEASE! :-) This tute was great, and I have a heck of a time finding good tutorials for Photoshop. I'd really love a tutorial on creating photo know, for invitations, announcements, collage posters, etc. I'm a photographer (or try to be one) and would LOVE to offer this to clients! Every tutorial I've found teaches how to do it in the free programs...Love your blog!

  3. If only I had photo shop. It is on our list of awesome things to have someday. My husband is an artist, so he is really interested in the program too.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award!

  5. I would love to have some tutorials for photoshop. I'm a photographer, & am trying to work on offering Christmas cards this year. Thanks for everything.


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