Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let’s Decorate Erin’s Bathroom

Last week I got an email from a darling reader named Erin asking for some advice.
Erin just got done having a tile bath surround done and is looking for some ideas to decorate this bathroom.
I figured you guys would be an excellent source of creativity.

Let’s take a look at what we’re working with, shall we? Here’s Erin:

Pic #1: Shower to the right, and the naked wall I want to do something with to the left.
Pic #2: Naked wall mentioned in Pic #1
Pic #3: Tile surround (don't judge the blue 70s tub...we're working on it!!!”)
IMG_0398Pic #4: Other little wall that I potentially want to decorate, if there's enough tileIMG_0399Pic #5: The 12x12 tile; there are actually 7 tiles left overIMG_0401
Thanks Erin.

Alright ladies! Now’s the time for action. Erin needs your help. She has two little girls (ages 2 1/2 and 11 months) and was thinking about doing something with handprints, footprints, or something along those lines. She has 7 tiles that she would like to use in the decorating.

Let’s help her out. Leave all your ideas in the comments below, including any links of ideas. The more we can give, the better. Let’s give Erin so many creative ideas that she has a difficult time narrowing down what to do.

Also another cute reader, Connie, emailed me about a new online book club she has started over at Measured by the Heart. If you like reading, go check this out!

Thanks everyone for your help, and thank you most of all for reading!
I have the most awesome readers and love hearing from all of you!!


  1. Thank you, Tam!!! And thank you to everyone who gives ideas!

  2. I don't have advice or ideas but I can't wait to see the end result——especially the blue tub. Unfortunately not only do we have the 1970s blue tub AND toilet, we have the blue tile on the floor and white with blue flower tile on the wall. I hate our bathroom.

  3. With the color scheme and the want of footprints, it would be fun to incorporate a beach-y theme, kind of "footprints in the sand" sort of thing. I'm sure whatever she chooses will look great!

  4. I have seen some really cute subway art for could stencil your own (or use a paint pen to handwrite it!) onto a tile. As for incorporating hand/foot prints, if you did them sort of white with maybe a hint of glitter or blue, you could again stencil or draw some bubbles around them--it would make it look like your girls made their prints with soapy hands and feet :) That's what comes to mind for me :) Good luck!

  5. If you look online, you can use hand and footprints to make different animals. It would be cute to do an animal theme with all of their hands and feet!

  6. What a cute bathroom! My suggestions would be to make hand and foot prints on Cansen paper from Michael's and then frame them in Ikea frames, grouping them close together for the toilet wall. She could also stencil the wall first to bring in some more color and then add the frames.

    The window wall I would go with a shelf or two for decorative accessories and bubble bath items. West Elm has some on sale,
    As far as going with a theme, it is best to use a themes sparingly. They tend to get old fast, and then you are stuck redoing the whole room to get a new look. By using white frames and white shelves you can change it up as often as you like by adding new artwork to the frames and changing out the decorative items on the shelves.

    I don't know if she needs to use the tiles, there are already enough in the room, and trying to use them might end up like you were trying to use them :) Good luck!


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