Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Kids’ Bathroom

Last fall I had several posts about my kids’ bathroom makeover. Since then, I’ve made a few more changes and I realized that I haven’t shared them with you guys yet. I realize most of you are new followers since then anyway, so I’ll do a full recap.
Here’s how the bathroom looks today.
To get a full appreciation for the transformation, let’s take a look  at the before pic.
(Sorry about the before pic, I didn’t actually take one and had to search through old pictures to find this one).
It needed more color and a younger look for my kiddos.
Come with me as I share with you the various changes.
1) It all began with the shower curtain. I loved the variety of colors from this fabric line, Make Life by Sweetwater.
2) Using the same fabrics and some Mod-Podge, I made a Kleenex and toothbrush holder,
and a clock.
3) I took some more fabric and stitched it on my towels.
4) Next up was a Hair Bow Holder for the numerous bows I have for my two daughters.
5) Sticking with the green, I spray-painted a vase I picked up for $0.50 at a local thrift store.
6) I wanted a little more red brought in, so I spray-painted a stepstool. This helps my kids out so much when brushing their teeth and washing their hands.
7) I loved the framed mirror Sausha shared on Show & Tell, so following her tutorial, I added that as well.
8) We had linoleum in there before, so we ripped that up and laid down some slate in a brick pattern. I love all the natural colors of the stone as well as the texture and depth.
The last thing I want to call to your attention is the Cabnicon EZ Mirror.
My dad created this and actually sells them, and I promise you will want one.
The mirror swivels out from the wall and you can move it around to allow you to see the back of your head from different angles.

This is pure genius!!! This is me looking in the EZ Mirror, and I can see the back of my hair in my big, main mirror. Perfect so I can use both hands to style my hair!!!!
This is also great for doing makeup. I can get right up close to the mirror without leaning over a countertop.
Once I’m done, I simply swing the mirror back flush against the wall so it’s not in the way.
Visit Cabnicon to get one for yourself!

Well that’s my kids’ bathroom.
Let me know what you guys think, I’d love to hear your input!


  1. Love your fabric choices, the toothbrush holder is too cute! That mirror is def. handy, who really knows what the back of my hair is looking like :)

  2. Love it! And you're right.........I do want one of those mirrors now. I can't wait until I have the time to re-do my bathroom.

  3. That's my next project!!! "the bathroom".....Looks great:)

  4. Fabulous makeover! That mirror is awesome! Your dad is a genius!


  5. I went to your Dad's site and didn't see the mirror listed.

    Also, for your towels, did you applique the fabric or did you cut and elongate them and if so, did youp ut on a backing?



  7. i really love that fabric on the tissue box! and the shower curtain is adorable. that stool too.

  8. That's such an adorable bathroom - great work! My mom had a mirror like that in her bathroom, so I always loved getting ready in her bathroom in H.S. :)

  9. Looks great! Love the paisley!

  10. Love the kids' bathroom!! Not liking the throw rugs though. They need a touch of green in them as well and some checks or circles?? Just a suggestion

  11. I love the shower curtain! What fun colors in the Make Life collection.

  12. The colors are so vibrant! They will surely fall in love with this bathroom makeover! The splashes of colors are everywhere, from the clock, to the toothbrush holder, and even the tissue holder, but the room still looks lovely.

    Sterling Delorme


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