Monday, April 18, 2011

My New and Improved Laundry Room

When we started our remodeling in January, we weren’t planning on doing the laundry room as well. However, we were already painting all the ceilings on our main level and decided to include the laundry room in the mix. Then we figured as long as we were painting the ceiling in there, we might as well paint the walls since I’ve had in mind what I’ve wanted for several years.
This is the finished room.
To fully appreciate this, I feel like you need to see the before.
I didn’t actually think to take a “before” picture until we were moving everything out to start painting, but hopefully, you get the idea.
(And no, I didn’t clean the floor underneath my washer before taking this picture…please don’t judge, k?)
Much better, right?
I L.O.V.E. it! It’s so much more clean, crisp, and fresh.
Ahhhh! Exactly how I want my laundry room to feel.
Here’s a breakdown of the improvements.
1. Obviously we painted – ceilings white, walls Valspar “New Day” (4006-5A)
2. The shelf got ripped out and my dad installed these white cabinets which have PLENTY of room to hold anything my heart desires.
3. See that clothing rod? That was actually there before and I use it so much that it had to go back. It’s great to hang clothes that need ironing or items I “hang to dry”.
My laundry basket is underneath the counter and I have one giant bucket where dirty clothes go. It’s perfect for me because I don’t like my laundry to get backed up, so once that bucket is full I know I need to do laundry. It only holds 3 loads at the most, which basically means I do laundry every day.
4. The ironing board got a new cover, which you might recognize from the tutorial I posted last week.
5. I also made this “Laundry” sign with my Silhouette and their fabric interfacing. I got the idea from this name sign on Crap I’ve Made.
I found a 24”x20” frame at my local thrift store for only $5, then used white spray paint, followed by a coat of red spray paint. Once dry I sanded it down a bit to distress it and allow some of the white paint to show through.
Fonts and fabrics are:
L: Big Top, Quite Contrary by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake Designs
A: Mixed Up, Sugar & Spice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
U: Oh {Photo} Shoot!, Gypsy by Felicity Miller for Free Spirit
N: CK Twilight, Sugar & Spice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
D: CK Tijuana, Sugar & Spice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
R: CK Tipsy, Sugar & Spice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
Y: BoyzRGross, Sugar & Spice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
6. I’ve won exactly ONE giveaway in my life and that was a year ago. It happened to be a gift certificate to WordyBird. One of the things I got with my gift certificate was this dandelion decal.
It’s kind of hard to see because there aren’t any windows in my laundry room which means no natural light and I couldn’t get rid of the glare.
I wanted to put some sort of quote with it and had a jumble of thoughts. Thanks to your help on Facebook, I came up with this: “Don’t let your troubles pile up like loads of laundry, simply let go.”
Fonts are Juice ITC and Susie’s Hand.
I used my ever-fabulous Silhouette to cut out the quote, and did you know that you can change the width so you can get the entire quote in one cut? Thanks to my SIL, Nicole of Wannabe Crafty for discovering this, I just learned how this week.
Adjust width
My quote was 23” long, so I adjusted my width to 24”, loaded my longer piece of vinyl and cut away.
7. The last addition was this shoe organizer from IKEA.
It’s so much better to store our shoes and get them out of the way since they were in a very untidy pile by the door.
However, it needed a little sprucing up.
Once again I turned to my handy-dandy Silhouette to cut out some vinyl names for each of my kids.
This machine is seriously a crafter’s best friend. What did I ever do without it?
Font is Inspiration.
I also made a table runner because I LOVED my fabrics, and wanted to add more of those to the room.
It’s kind of my favorite part about the whole room right now. I almost wish I was having a girl so I could use these fabrics for crib bedding.
I used this tutorial by Amy of Diary of a Quilter and thought it was a fantastic tutorial. Great instructions and I love the end result!
***Updated: many of you asked for pictures of the inside of the shoe organizer, so here you go.***
The drawers pull out at an angle, then easily push right back in. The entire thing is only about 6” deep so it doesn’t stick out very far at all or take up too much space.
Each drawer fits two pairs of adult shoes or many pairs of kids’ shoes.
Phew! Did you stick with me through all of that? Sorry, kind of lengthy, but there you go. My new and improved laundry room. At least, I think it is. Whatta ya think?


  1. I think it looks terrific! Love the decals...perfect touch!!!
    And the color combinations are fabulous! Well done!!
    Love your laundry room!! Gives me inspiration to tackle mine.

  2. I love it! That is such a fun little room and looked like a pretty easy to do makeover. =) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tam, that turned out so cute! I love it!!!

  4. Wow! Way nice!! Love the shoe storage. Is this for off-season shoes? Ones that need cleaned maybe?

  5. AWESOME! I love the colors and fabric!

  6. I love this! I have the tiniest laundry room in existence, can't wait to renovate!

  7. I love the colors you chose- the walls are so calming but that pop of red gives it some energy! Super cute!

  8. That turned out so beautiful. I love the quote!

  9. Looks great and totally jealous :)

  10. It looks so good!! Love the shoe thing; I want to see the inside/how it holds the shoes. We desperately need something in our mudroom as well for our shoes. And I love that blue :)

  11. I adore the room - the blue with the bright red accents is beautiful. Looks like a fun room to hide in, I currently only have the powder room and the puppies look under the door. This is so much better. Great job!

  12. Super duper upgrade! Love the red accents.

  13. Great color choices, and it looks so nice now! My laundry space is in the garage, so it's on my list of things to do to "homey" it up a little :)

  14. What a great use of space. I am so tired of stacks of shoes by the door. I'm going to have to look for that shoe storer.

  15. It's super cute! I really need to do something with mine. It's so boring!

  16. love that fabric! Great laundry room makeover!

  17. That looks fantastic! I love it! And the quote turned out awesome. "Simply let go." I need to put that in my house somewhere.

  18. I absolutely love the shoe organizer! You did an excellent job!

  19. Oh to have a laundry like yours. Mine is a grotty section at the end of our garage - just hideous. Love the colours you picked, very fresh and welcoming. Bet you love to wash now. That's one fance font machine, never heard of one and still not sure how it works. Magic I guess. Now I'm dreaming of what I could do with ours.

  20. Cute! I like the shoe organize and the lettering on it is nice. I'd ALMOST actually want to do laundry there.

  21. Love it! My laundry room is an unfisnished basement and now I really want a laundry room.

  22. This is so great!! LOVE your colors/fabrics, too, and that shoe organizer is the bomb!


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