Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring T-Shirt w/DecoArt Paint

I almost made my kids Easter t-shirts, then realized they would only get to wear them once or twice, so this year I made “Spring” t-shirts instead.
Even though it was in the 40’s this weekend, my girls wore them to their Easter egg hunt.
I started out with a plain t-shirt from Target that I got for $4. Then used the shape organic_flowers_C00398_19547 from Silhouette and the font Elise for the word “spring”.

I used freezer paper with my Silhouette to cut out my stencil with the blue cap, speed 8, and thickness 9. Mirror your image before printing and place the freezer paper with the shiny side up on the green cutting mat.

**If you don’t have a cutting machine, an exacto knife would work just as well**.

I actually split my image into two stencils so it would be easier to paint. This is the first stencil ironed on to the t-shirt.
Then I grabbed all my paint colors as well as a fabric painting medium by DecoArt.
Mix the paint with the fabric painting medium in a 2:1 ratio, then start painting.
After several thin coats, peel your stencil away.
Then iron on the second stencil and paint again.
Again after multiple thin coats, remove the freezer paper and allow the paint to dry 24-48 hours.
The directions on the fabric painting medium bottle suggest washing the garment inside out on the gentle cycle at this point. Then voila! a quick, easy, and inexpensive spring t-shirt!!!

Just as a reminder: you have until tomorrow April 26th to get the special Rhinestone Bundle from Silhouette for only $229!!!
And if you already have a Silhouette, grab the Rhinestone Starter Kit for only $34.99 by using code “DANGCUTE”.


  1. My husband was convinced and my Silhouette will hopefully be on its way soon! I can't wait to try freezer paper stencils with it!

  2. I can't wait to buy some freezer paper and try it out!

  3. Out of curiosity, why cut out the freezer paper shiny side up? I've always done it on my Silhouette with the shiny side down. I don't have to reverse my images that way, and I *think* it's easier to get off the contact sheet. But, maybe I'm totally wrong and it would be way easier to do it your way...

  4. Shelly-
    I've just found my paper doesn't slide around as much doing it that way.


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