Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30-Days of Summer Fun Activity Board

This week is the last week of school for my kids and I can’t wait for summer to begin!!!
Last year I created – a 30-day Summer Activity Board: 30 activities with your family to fill those summer days with fun!
It was such a blast last year, that my kids are anxious to do it again!
So I know this is a repeat post, but many of you weren’t around last year at this time, so I hope you’ll forgive me.
30 Days of Summer Fun

The activities are pretty basic and versatile, so you can change things up to fit your family.
There also aren’t any set dates, so just fit in 30 days of fun as your schedule allows!!!
These are activities we probably always say we’ll do, but then life slips by so quickly and we realize we didn’t get to some of them. Things like, have a watermelon eating contest, play a game of charades, sleep in a tent in your backyard, make a 4th of July dessert, and so on.
Hopefully, with this hanging up in our home as a reminder, we’ll get to all of them and make this summer a blast!
I started out with a dull, beat-up $2 frame from the thrift store.
Remove the glass, give the frame a good scrubdown, then paint it the color of your choice. I went with Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze.
I threw the picture out and used the glass for the next part. I wanted mine to be a magnetic board so I could easily move things around, plus my kids really like magnets. After cleaning the glass, I painted it with Rustoleum’s Magnetic Primer that I had leftover from my Magna Chalkdoodle project.
(You could use magnetic sheet metal instead if that’s easier for you. I just had this stuff on hand already).
Once that was dry, I spraypainted it white.
Next I cut 1/4” strips of vinyl and divided my board into 30 squares, and left room at the top for a title. You could easily use paper and simply decoupage them if you don’t have vinyl.
To create my magnets, I got my shapes from Microsoft Clipart, designed everything in PhotoShop, and printed them off on Magnet Sheets.
You may want to design your own activities, but you are more than welcome to download my sheets HERE and HERE or simply click on each of the images below. I tried to get them to fit on one sheet, but it simply didn’t happen. Sorry.
Summer Fun Activities copySummer Fun Activities 2 copy
After that, I cut them up and stuck them on the board. Simple enough, right?
30 Days of Summer Fun, here we come!!!


  1. That looks pretty amazing! Great work.

  2. I love this project, really cute. I featured it on my blog: http://koolbeenz-blog.blogspot.com/2011/06/gallery-of-featured-crafters-3-with.html

    Feel free to grab my Featured Button.

  3. Oh I love it. And I so have that picture you used. Well my mom does and I so need to get rid of it. But now I can alter it.Woo Hoo!

  4. This rocks! I homeschool (year round) amd this would also be great for field trips. Or books we want to read.

  5. HI I am trying to download your cute summer fun ideas file and the link is not working. Is it possible to email it to me or help me out? I love this and would love to do these w/ my 4 boys.
    THanks Sharla - littlegemscrafts@gmail.com


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