Friday, May 20, 2011

Contestant Highlight: Mandi of Tidbits From the Tremaynes

Last of our highlights (and definitely not least) is our Season 2 “Crafting with the Stars” champion, Mandi of Tidbits From the Tremaynes.
For her audition project Mandi entered a Piano Bench For Big Butts and won a spot as one of our 12 contestants for Season 2 of “Crafting with the Stars”.
That would be the tip of the iceberg when it came to building things for Mrs. Power Tools herself.
For Round 1: Dollar/Thrift Store, Mandi won the round with her PB Knockoff Paneled Mirror.
In Round 2: Decoupage she kept going strong by finishing 3rd in the round with The Apothecary Cabinet.
For Round 3: Baby she once again won the round by making this Birth Announcement Memory Box.
In Round 4: Home Décor, Mandi didn’t hold anything back and made the The Dutch-style Faux Pantry.
That project sealed her victory and made her the grand champion! Congratulations Mandi!!!
She really is the queen of power tools and I am constantly amazed at the things she makes.
Like her latest project, this Window seat with the bookshelves on the sides.
You really must click over to see the “before” shot – W.O.W!
Or how brave would you be and cut giant holes in your wall to make these gorgeous Spice Shelves?
Or come up with this beautiful Kitchen Island Makeover?
(again you have to go see the “before pics”)
I feel like I need to take lessons from Mandi, then maybe I can have some of these beautiful creations in my home as well. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying reading Tidbits From the Tremaynes and I suggest you do the same!


  1. I love Mandi. Not many people have her humor and talent all rolled into one cute package!

  2. One of my very favorite blogs - I love Mandi's fearlessness with the old power tools!!

  3. um...did you know that the eat is off center from the spice holder. just saying....

    lol. love me some mandi.

  4. LOL Kimbo!!

    Thanks for the shout out, Tam!!! You rock!

  5. Mandi is amazing! Her sense of humor, photography and projects are out of this world. She ROCKS!!!


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