Monday, May 30, 2011

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Sign

Guess what?! I’m still working on my guest room.
For The DIY Club in the month of May, I received a vinyl decal from Ten23 Designs. I chose the “Keep Calm and Carry On” in white (green is shown in picture below).
I knew I wanted to make it gray and yellow somehow to match the room, so my next task was to find a frame. I found this one at my local thrift store for $3. Whenever shopping at a thrift store, you must think about POTENTIAL!!! This frame had it.
I bought it solely for the size. There was one little problem, and that was the dimensional issue.
It wasn’t really a frame yet. So I got out a butter knife and pried off that top part.
There we go. I had to remove all the little industrial staples that was holding that other picture to the frame, which left a lot of holes. No worries. I fixed the holes with some painter’s putty and now had my frame.
This is where the yellow came in. Bright Idea by Krylon to be specific.
To create the actual sign that goes in that frame, I trimmed my vinyl and a piece of posterboard down to size.
Don’t you love that bright green? Remember I had gray in mind, so I grabbed some DecoArt Slate Gray I had leftover from this plate and covered up the green.
Once that was dry, I applied my vinyl decal on top.
The last thing I had to do was staple the completed sign to the inside of the frame since I didn’t have backing or glass to support it. I just used a regular paper stapler and voila! Sign complete and one more decoration done for my guest room – yay!
Simple enough, right? The finished room is coming soon (I promise)!!!

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  1. i love the grey & yellow! nice job. and - do you still have the pic that came with the frame? because i want it.


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