Monday, May 9, 2011

More Circles and a Winner

I woke up and looked at my maternity clothes and felt very blah-ish.
Then I remembered these shirts that my friends Char and Jami made last year. Char had even been so kind to give me some of the supplies several months ago, however I never got around to it.
Last week I decided I needed to dress up my boring shirt.
It was actually quite fast, especially since I used my Accuquilt Baby GO! Fabric Cutter to cut the circles. Then I lit a tea light candle and quickly singed the edges, stitched the flowers to the shirt, and hot glued some beads in the center.
A little more pizzazz to give me some extra spiff.

Speaking of the Accuquilt Baby GO! Fabric Cutter, let’s get to the winner.
Who is:
Winner Pic
Congrats Amanda K! Send me an email with the 3 compatible dies you would like (

Thanks everyone and have a great Monday!


  1. Shut the Front Door!! Oh My Gosh!! I am over the moon excited!! Spencer just told he is going to finish the basement so I have space for all my "crap!!" yayayayayayay!!!! Thank you so much!! (and Accuquilt Baby GO! Fabric Cutter) - and your cirlces are cute! I love making those for Ten!!

  2. I'm feeling more than blah! I'm feeling HUGE! I don't even think cute little flowers like that would take the eyes of my belly! The kids at the pre-school where I work laugh at me everyday and tell me my clothes don't fit! It's true!!!! I want to see that belly of yours. Show it, girl!

  3. Super cute! I love making those flowers!


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