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Getting to Know You – A Memorable Date

I have to confess that I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the response I got last week to my first sharing post. You guys are so awesome and it was so fun to hop around and visit your blogs and get to know some of you better! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m going to continue today by sharing a little more about me and I hope you’ll share right back. Remember this is our Internet “getting to know you” meetup, so please join in.

Have you ever had a date that will stick with you forever? One that was simply too good, too funny, too life-changing to forget? I’ve got a few, but one that stands out in my memory occurred almost exactly 10 years ago, and it just so happens it was with my husband.
Taken the day we got engaged March 17, 2002
Let me set the stage quickly. We were both college students. In college, it seems like there is always one house/apartment where people congregate. That apartment belonged to my husband (Dan) and his roommates. Most of our group of friends had gone home for the summer, so there weren’t as many of us. One night after work, I stopped by. The moment I walked in, I smelled something NASTY!!!
Now while the smell of chicken of the sea isn’t the most pleasant, that is not why it was utterly revolting.
No…the reason I wrinkled up my nose immediately upon entering the door was because Dan had microwaved the chicken of the sea.

Two things I would like to point out here:
1. Chicken of the sea is NOT chicken.
2. Warming it up in a microwave will make your house stink for DAYS.

Now that we have those facts established, I’ll continue.
Dan was scrounging his cupboards trying to find something for dinner. He had some rice cooking in his rice cooker, a can of green beans,  and wanted some meat to go with them. Being a poor college student, there was a limited selection – hence the can of chicken of the sea.

Seeing my face when I walked in, he knew the smell was as bad as he thought. So he turned to me and asked if I had eaten dinner yet. I hadn’t, so he asked if I wanted to go get something with him. “Sure” I said.

I guess you could interpret that to “asking me on a date”. Neither one of us did at the time, but now we do.

We got in the car (just the two of us) and where did we go? Not McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or even Taco Bell. Dan stepped up his game and took me to Applebee’s.
High roller, I know! Here’s where the date gets memorable. We ordered the appetizer sampler to split (remember the poor college students part)? That’s not the memorable part though.

The memorable part is we sat there one-on-one and talked and talked. Conversation flowed easily, but more than that, the silences weren’t awkward in the least. We were completely comfortable with each other. In fact, I had never been more at ease with another person (besides a family member) in my life. I didn’t know it at the time, but he felt the same way.
Our First Picture Together Fall 2001
The above picture was the first picture taken of the two of us. Nothing fancy, because we weren’t ever fancy with each other. We were ourselves and simply hung out.
College Days Fall 2001
After that, we hung out a lot. It was just so easy to be myself with him and (truth be told) I couldn’t stay away. Discovery Park Cedar City Spring '02
We became best friends and the rest is history.
B&W In front of fountain 6.29
So now it’s your turn!

What is a memorable date you have had?
It doesn’t have to be with your significant other, just a date that’s worth talking about.

Feel free to either share it in the comments or if you blog about it, leave me the link in the comments! I can’t wait to hear about your memorable dates!


  1. Thank you for sharing your memory and pictures. You two make a cute couple!

    It's hard for me to think of anything right now! I tell you what... At Christmas time I was approached in a shopping center by a man from the radio and was asked to share a memorable Christmas moment. There was a prize you could win of a pearl necklace...
    Could I think of anything at all?! No. How silly right? So easy to enter, and I could think of nothing!
    After I left of course, I started thinking of what I could have said. Like how the year before I was in a popular Aussie magazine with an article and wearing a Christmas-themed balloon dress. (link to magazine article)

    I wonder if I could have won that pearl necklace if only... I know it wasn't a date, but it highlights how difficult it is for me to think on the spot! haha

  2. How husband and I were high school sweet hearts and really, when we first started actually "dating" we had already liked each other so long that we had already been everywhere together. Our most memorable dates have been the ones that we have taken since getting married in 1993. We love making time for us.

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is neat to get to know you a little. The two of you are a beautiful couple.

  3. Now I know to never microwave tuna!! How special that it turned into your first date!!
    One of the most memorable dates was with my now hubby. We dated long distance and our first summer of dating was comprised mainly of going to weddings with each other. There were several weekends where we would have multiple weddings to attend. On one of those weekends, we hit a Friday wedding in one state and then drove to another the next day. This was pretty early on in our dating, so I was worried that we would run out of things to talk about on our long drive and would spend the trip in awkward silence. So I hit up the book store for crossword books and other books I thought we would both enjoy. As it turned out, we really wouldn't have needed them as the trip was spent talking and enjoying each other's company. But it never hurts to be prepared.

  4. This is SO sweet! My most memorable date was my first date with dh. We went to see a movie and he brought me home. I realized in my driveway that I'd left my purse at the theater. We drove all the way back, just to find them closed up for the night. He brought me back home and gave me the sweetest simple kiss. *FIREWORKS*!

  5. My husband was in the military when we met, and after he was stationed in Germany for three years, he was stationed in my town. He askes me to go bowling with him and a bunch of other people on his base. Well, it turns out, none of the other girls wanted to go, so it was just me, him, and two other guys. His car hadn't been brought over from Germany yet, so his friend drove us around, and during the "date," he completely ignored me! I ended up talking to an attractive Marine for the entire date. I thought my husband wasn't interested in me because of that date, but he ended up asking me on another one... which actually ended up being just as bad! To this day, I wonder how we ended up dating after two horrible dates!

  6. You guys are stinkin' adorable! I love reading date stories like yours. And I definitely found inspiration here today and blogged one of my own.... so, thanks!

  7. A memorable date was NOT with my husband. It was a blind date set up by my aunt. A cowboy showed up and we met some of his friends for dinner. Then we went somewhere to go dancing, and he ended up dancing with himself. By himself. Him, alone out in the middle of the dance floor, no one else dancing or in the vicinity. I asked him to take me home.
    p.s. memorable didn't have to be fun, did it? :)

  8. This wasn't necessarily part of the date that was memorable but it's something we will both always remember. DH and I were friends first and then started dating. Our first official date we went to Chili's. Then on our one year dating anniversary we decided we wanted to go to Chili's again (yes, we were also poor college students). Anyway, we were still in college so it was the same Chili's for both dates. We ended up being seated at the same table for both dates!!! It was so odd and random that we would have been seated at the same table one year apart.

  9. Well I guess it wasn't a date, but I remember the first time I met my husband, my interest was definately peaked! So my friend and I plotted to invite him to a party (that we made up specifically to meet him) at her pool. So we invited him and he came. (Hooray) We played pool volleyball, and chatted, and flirted until at some point I realized that we were still in the pool, but we were alone. Everyone else had made their way to the hot tub. And I kept expecting him to get out and go over to hang out with "the pretty girls" But he didn't... He stayed in the pool with me. And for the first time in my life I felt like the pretty one. I couldn't believe that our little plan worked, and he was into me! Enough that we are spending forever together!

  10. It is nice to hear a little bit more about you and the hubby and how it lead to you guys being together. A lot of regrets I have. Wish things were a little different then.....Any who. I have two dates. One a awhile ago in college and one just this past Christmas. The first one was during the winter when I just moved back to Cedar City from California. Nate and I were just relaxing in my apartment. When out of complete nowhere he looks at me and said "You know, I am going to marry you some day." And then kissed me on my forhead. I was totally shocked by this, because he never talks like that. I just remember, I could not keep the smile off my face. That was about 10 years ago too. Haha! My second date was this past Christmas when he surprised me with a display case that held my half and full marathon medals with running quotes printed on scrapbook paper cut out with decorative scissors. He worked on it with my son while I was at work in the evenings. Another shocker....that my husband is craftier than me.Haha! It will definitely be something I will never forget. ;-)

  11. my husband and i met the first week of college. i was a freshman and he just got back from his mission. after a while of hanging out we drove up to the "mountains" and got in the bed of his truck. we were talking and looking at the stars. we couldn't find the big dipper. for was nowhere! it must have been hiding behind the clouds because when we were getting ready to leave, there it was. ok maybe we were a little more occupied with eachother than looking for stars...don't worry, we weren't being naughty...:) but still we always laugh when we see it in the sky because it was NOT there:) i'm laura over at

  12. The spontaneous ones are always the best. Four years ago physics class I heard a guy(now my husband) talking about how he hadn't been ice skating in a while and that he wanted to go. I turned around and said "Ice skating! I've never been ice skating before." He said he would take me. I think he was shocked, I'm ususally so quiet. We talked all the way to our cars after class and he took me to his place to have lunch (tuna sandwiches) and then we went rollerblading together afterwards. Eventually we did go ice skating but the tuna sandwiches and the rollerblading still sticks out in my mind. Hooray for ice skating, that guy was quite the catch.

  13. aw, that's so sweet!

    My most memorable date, if you ask me or my hubby the same date springs up in both of our minds. It was the cheapest date ever. We'd been going out for a few months, but didn't spend a lot of time alone together. I insisted we do a nice simple date. We had a picnic in a field near my house, with crackers and sandwiches and apple juice and all simple stuff. And then it started to drizzle and we made out in the rain. For some reason we both think of that date immediatly when we think of the best one, not the more $$ dates. And the funniest thing is my now-hubby complained about the idea beforehand and was not looking forwards to it at all.

  14. This was my second date with my husband. I was working in San Francisco, and Brian was living in Sacramento. He had two tickets for a Giant's game that he was supposed to go with his best friend that he had bought months before. He told his friend he had to take a girl instead (me). While taking BART, the Bay Area Subway, into the city to meet me, his mother calls him to tell him she has tickets to the game. As we walk from my office to the ballpark. Brian tries to explain that this was not planned, but that his mother who had bought tickets the day before, and had no idea Brian had tickets to the same game, will be at the game, and is sitting EXCATLY one row behind us, in a large stadium. That is how I met my future mother-in-law. On our second date.

  15. You really are so dang cute!
    I was going to tell you about a memorable but not necessarily in a good way - kinda creeper story. But, I got kinda freaked out thinking about it again and decided to tell you about when I met my husband.
    When it's right it's right. I met my husband on a ride along (he's a police officer and I was getting a degree in Criminal Justice). I didn't actually ride with him the first time my friend and I went. His Sgt. got my friend and me mixed up and she rode with my husband. The second time we went, he made sure I got put with him. We talked that entire shift like we had known each other for years. When he dropped me off that morning he just said come ride with me again sometime and gave me his card with his home number. Moving on a few weeks later and Fall semester was about to start up again and I wanted to do another ride along (I really thought I wanted to be a cop), so I called the sector to schedule another one. The officer that answered the phone gave me a hard time and I had to repeat who I wanted to ride with three times. Well she was teasing him too b/c hubby had been standing at the desk the whole time.
    Long story short, I rode with him again and he actually asked me out. We talked on the phone all the time and saw each other quite a bit. Three weeks we had been dating and he asked me to marry him (while we were wrestling on the floor and he was tickling me nonetheless). We got married nine months later and have been ever since. It'll be 17 years May 28th!
    My husband is not an emotional person and definitely doesn't talk about things like that with me or his mother or anyone else. But I found out after we had been married a while that he actually told his mom that the first night my friend and I went to ride along I had smiled at him and he knew then that he would marry me. Truth be told, I smile a lot and I don't remember that exact moment, but it didn't take long for me to realize he was a keeper.

  16. That is such a cute story! Love the pictures of you two by the Temple. So beautiful!!

    The first time my hubby saw me was when I was in a skit at church. I was dressed as a hillbilly, with my two front teeth completely blacked out, EWWW. Not really how I pictured meeting the man of my dreams when I was a girl. Somehow he still managed to aske me out. Something I am forever grateful for!


  17. On my first date with my husband I accidentally left a winter hat on the floorboard in his car. He swears I did it on purpose just so he'd have to call me, but I swear I didn't even realize's a good thing I did though, because he did call for a second date and now we've been happily married 7 years with 3 beautiful daughters!


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