Thursday, June 16, 2011

No-Sew Fabric Valance {Cornice if You’re Fancy}

Window treatments can make such a difference in a room. Here’s the latest one I made for my guest bedroom, and the best part is it’s NO-SEW.
It was inspired by this window valance Brooke did on All Things Thrifty, but she used paintable wallpaper. I wanted to use fabric to match the rest of the décor. I followed Brooke’s tutorial to make my wooden valance (or as my interior design friend, Wendy, informed me it’s called a cornice).
Then I cut out my fabric and batting slightly larger than the valance.
I ironed my batting to my fabric.
Then got out the staple gun and started stapling the fabric/batting down.
Pretty simple, huh? I made a few of these for some other rooms as well and they each only took a few minutes. I love quick and easy projects!

Going back to Brooke’s tutorial, I attached curtain rod hardware and a wooden dowel to hang the drapes from, then used her instructions for hanging the whole thing on the wall.
(P.S. I could only find the L-brackets that go on the actual wall at Home Depot).
Here it is all hung.
Just the right touch. Who said you needed to know how to sew to make valances with fabric?


  1. I am IN LOVE with this!!! I have work to do right away!!!

  2. Love them! I'm using that same fabric to make drapes for my bedroom. Sadly - there is lots of sewing for that one! ;)

  3. Gorwing up my parents had cornice's everywhere... I always felt they looked really dated but the one you made is remarkably modern.

  4. Looks so modern!! I love the stripes on your walls and your words of wisdom frame!

  5. I am so glad you posted this! I was going to try to find a tutorial for a cornice soon! I love the clean look!


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