Thursday, June 23, 2011

Round Rosette Pillow

The finishing touches are being done on my guest bedroom, one of them being this round rosette pillow for the bed.
The pattern came from Amy Butler’s book, “In Stitches”. See it on the cover?
The only problem for me was the pattern made an 18” pillow. I only needed a 14” pillow, so I had to adjust the pattern accordingly, which also involved making a 14” pillow form. No sweat, I had some muslin and polyfil on hand and those did the trick.

It was a really fast sew and didn’t require much thought (which was nice).
I’ve got one more tutorial for you coming up tomorrow, and then I *should* be revealing the entire guest bedroom the beginning of next week. I’m so incredibly excited to share this with you guys, I can hardly contain my squeals. I love it and I really, really hope you will too!


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