Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Window Treatment That Gets Me More Sleep

My house faces east. That means that I get the lovely sunshine streaming through my windows when the sun rises each day. While I do love the sunlight, I don’t particularly love it at 5 in the morning, especially since my kids’ bedrooms are the rooms affected by this daily sunrise.

I learned early on that my kids sleep better in the dark. With the new bedding in my son’s room, he also needed a new window treatment.
No, that’s not the new bedding. LOL! I still need help with the quilt and am blank at this point. At least I have the fabric picked out.

It’s pretty simple actually. Basic valance, but what makes this window treatment magical are the blackout drapes. I’ve got tutorials for both of those, just click on their names in the previous sentence.
The cotton fabric is lined with blackout fabric and when those are shut, it is DARK in there.


No more 5 am wake-up calls for this family. It’s also fabulous for naps.
Then simply open the drapes back up and let the sunshine pour in during appropriate waking hours.

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  1. I LOVE blackout curtains! My 2yr old has them in her room, and I'm sure without them I'd get a lot less sleep!


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