Friday, July 8, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Family Picket Fence Sign by Alison of Oopsey Daisy

Hello, my friends!
My name is Alison, and my little blogging home is called Oopsey Daisy. I am the queen of oopsey daisies! I love to create beautiful things for my family and home. A lot of my creativity is inspired by my sweet 2-year-old Little Man. I use my experience as a first grade teacher to create for kids. My blog tells the twists and turns of my crafting adventures.
I adore Tam, and her blog is jampacked full of creative goodness! I can't wait to meet her newest bundle of joy!
As a little girl, I always dreamed of having a home with a sweet little white picket fence. I still don't have a real picket fence, so I decided to make my own! It was surprisingly simple! Come and see...
I started out by purchasing an entire plank of wood from Home Depot. The wood was 1.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick. I put my handsome hubby to work cutting the wood with his table saw.
We had enough wood to cut 11 pieces of wood. Each piece of wood was 12 inches long.
Next, I measured down from the top of each piece by 1.25 inches. I roughly sketched a point for each piece of wood. My husband went back to work on the saw! The cuts were not perfectly precise so each piece ended up with its own personality!
Very carefully, I glued each of the wood planks together using gorilla glue. Once those were dried, I glued them all to a 2x4 that was cut to fit.
We used a few pieces of scrap wood as cross pieces to glue on the top and bottom. I let the entire fence set for a good 24 hours.
First, I spray-painted the fence brown. I wanted to be able to sand off a layer of paint to make it look distressed. Then I topped the fence with a lovely coat of turquoise paint... This color is my new obsession!
Of course any fence looks even more lovely with a pennant bunting! I cut pennants out of fabric and ironed on a bit of Wonder Under for added stiffness. I just hot glued them to ricrac and then tucked the ricrac under the top crosspiece. I thought it would be fun to dress this up a bit for different holidays, so I didn't glue down the ricrac.
Finally, I used my Cricut to cut out a stencil out of contact paper. I carefully painted over it with white paint. (Believe me--do NOT try to stencil with a damp paint brush! I learned the hard way that the paint will bleed under your stencil!)

Once I corrected my stenciling mistakes, I could breath a sigh of relief! I love the distressed look, so I sanded it up just a bit PLUS added a bit of distressing ink.
With a coat of sealant spray, the picket fence is ready for the outdoors!
Until I get my REAL picket fence, I am very happy with this one! It just makes me happy.
Come stop by Oopsey Daisy any time and say hi!
Tam, thank you SO much for letting me come over and play today! Good luck with your little one!


  1. Very cute Alison!!! Congrats Tam on your baby! xoxo!

  2. Thanks for letting me guest post today, Tam! Hope you're doing well!

  3. Alison this is soooo cute!! I love it. I've always wanted a picket fence too - and I don't have one either. I love the little pennant too!!!

  4. Allie, it's so nice to learn a little more about you and to see your beautiful picture! ~karen

  5. Good job Alison. and to you I just wanted to let you know that I featured your yellow and grey styrofoam wall art on my "This weeks pinterest loves #8" on my blog today. So make sure to go and check it out and read all about what I said. Thank you for sharing it. Grab my button saying you were featured and follow back

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  6. I featured this here at my blog Coffee and their Kisses. Please stop by and grab a button!


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