Monday, July 11, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Picture Frame Earring Holder by Caley of How Does She?

Hello Everyone! I am Caley from!
We are a site dedicated to finding out "How Does She?" by collaborating ideas on how to become the mothers, wives, and world class women that we want to be! We have gathered recipes, fashion tips, crafts, and more!
I'm so excited to be sharing my newest idea with Tam's readers as she is away enjoying her new little guy! Congrats Tam!
Today's tutorial is how to make a

Picture Frame Earring Holder

These are very simple to make and are great gifts for all your girlfriends and daughter's friends!
To begin...
Find a deep, thick frame. I picked up this retro beauty at a local thrift store for a whole dollar!
Remove the glass, backing, and any other thing that might be in the middle. In this case, I kindly removed a cross-stitching of Bambi. Don't worry...Bambi is safe.
Then remove the tabs that held the glass and items together.
Pull out your wire netting.
Lay your frame on the netting and cut around the frame. It's better to have a little extra than not enough.
Line up the corners of the netting with the frame.
Grab your staple gun {and if you want to grab your husband to do this part too, that's ok. I did.} Then begin to staple down the netting starting at the corner of one side. After that side is done, go to the opposite side next and pull the netting tight before you staple it down. Continue to staple all the way around the frame.
The tighter the netting, the better.
If you need to, pound the staples that are poking out with a hammer until they're flush.
Now you can go ahead and trim the extra netting.
Turn it over and make sure there are no protruding staples.
Add some earring and you're done!
For those extra ambitious: ribbons, flowers, or even hooks along the bottom for necklaces might be a fun addition.
Jump on over to HowDoesShe? anytime for more crafts and home decor tutorials!
Thanks again Tam, for letting us come say hi! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Great tutorial! I think this would be fabulous in LittleGirl's room. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! ☺

  2. I love this project, but where did you find the wire netting?


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