Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Side Table Redo by Emily of Decorchick

Hi everyone! I'm Emily from Decorchick and I'm so honored to be a part of Tam's July Jamboree!! Tam is so sweet and SO creative and she blows me away with her talent! I don't have her mad sewing skills, and in fact, I hardly have any sewing skills at all. So that's why today I will share with you all a spray paint project that totally transformed a little table we have in the kitchen area. :)

This is the table we have in our kitchen/breakfast area.
Ehhh, nice little table skirt huh? ;) This is where our router is for the tv/internet connection, so that's why I tried to make it cute with that fabric. But it really wasn't doing it for me anymore. My new word of the year is "enhance," so I thought that's what this little table needed. I've had this table for early apartment days.

First I primed it then spray painted it grey in a glossy finish.
And this time I didn't want to cover up the legs, and was just going to find a cute shower curtain or something and cut it up, but when I was at Marshall's recently I came across this:
They had tons of cute aprons on clearance so I bought 2 of them. How perfect right? All of the work was done for me and it has ruffles which is what I was envisioning. And the length was perfect!

I cut from where the waist is and then I had my perfect length "skirt." I used 1 apron for the front of the table since it's wider, and the other apron split down the middle for the 2 sides of the table. Then I just glued them up with fabric glue on the underside of the table.
And here's the new table all dressed up!
So cute right?? The lamp shade is a little big I know. But I had such a hard time finding the perfect lamp and I finally found one at Homegoods and love the base, so I may get a new shade one day. But it's actually grown on me. :)

A pretty white lacquer box found on clearance at Marshall's, and my new obsession is white ceramic owls (even though I'm a little late on the owl trend).
Some owls are creepy looking, but I picked this one up at West Elm on the blogger meet-up and it's just too cute! The little bowl is from Anthropologie.

And the ugly router box is nicely tucked away and hidden, and easier to get to since I did the skirt differently this time.
And a few more pics.
So whatcha think? Paint is a magical thing, yes? This table is now a little modern mixed with traditional...right up my alley. :)

I hope you enjoyed the little table revamp! Thanks so much for having me Tam, and I’d love for you all to visit my subscribe page so we can connect with each other!


  1. Looks great! Good thinking on using the aprons for the table skirt!

  2. Cute, and a vast improvement from the previous incarnation. I like the blackboard on the wall too. It pulls the eye up and keeps the lampshade from looking TOO too big. :D


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